[WATCH] This Head-Dropping Dance Will Make You Drop Your Jaw

After blowing away the audience and judges on the AGT stage, Kenichi Ebina may very well be on his way. He performs some seemingly inhuman bullet time-style moves iconic from The Matrix franchise.

  • WATCH: Kenchi Ebina blows away AGT judges with matrix-inspired dance

  • Kenichi Ebina’s head-dropping dance on ‘America’s Got Talent’

    • Kenichi Ebina described his act on America’s Got Talent as “dance-ish.” While his articulation may be lacking, his performance was not. The Matrix-style martial arts dance blew the judges away.

    • All four judges gave a standing ovation, with Heidi Klum telling Ebina, “The stuff that you did, I haven’t seen anything like it before. You have a control over your body that’s unbelievable.”

  • Kenichi Ebina’s 'dance-ish' moves

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  • About Kenichi Ebina performing arts

    • He is also featured in Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps where he talks about his dance performance involving a story about a mannequin brought to life.

    • Kenichi Ebina is a solo self-taught dance performer, started out dancing Freestyle HipHop and expanding his style to Poppin’, Lockin’, Mime, House, Jazz, Contemporary and Ethnic dance.


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