10 Hottest Malaysian Celebrity Mums

Which mums out there do you find inspirational? To celebrate Mother's Day and mothers all across the nation who have brought precious life (or lives) into this world, we look at 10 HOT Malaysian Celebrity Mums! Vote for YOUR favourite celebrity mum(s) in "Responses"!

  • 1. Nora Danish, 31: Mother to Rayqal

      • Cdd6 Image via amazonaws.com
        Nora Danish and son Rayqal. Photo from @noradanish/Instagram.
  • 2. Belinda Chee, 31: Mother to Danielle

      • 39cb Image via akamaihd.net
        Belinda Chee and Danielle. Photo from Belinda Chee Facebook.
  • 3. Amber Chia, 31: Mother to Ashton

      • D8f4 Image via amazonaws.com
        Amber Chia and son Ashton at the Go Green Charity show at SRJK(C) Yuk Chai. Photo from @amberchia/Instagram.
      • Bb68 Image via fbcdn.net
        Amber Chia, photo from Facebook.
  • 4. Marion Caunter, 32: Mother to Leia

      • D146 Image via amazonaws.com
        Marion Caunter and kid Leia Rose. Photo from @marioncaunter/Instagram.
      • 02a9 Image via imgur.com
        Marion Caunter. Photo from Glam.
  • 5. Daphne Iking, 33: Mother to Isobel and Iman

      • 484e Image via amazonaws.com
        Daphne Iking and daughter Daniella Isobel. Photo from @daphneiking/Instagram.
  • 6. Erra Fazira, 39: Mother to Aleesya

      • 8ddd Image via amazonaws.com
        Erra Fazira and daughter Aleesya. Photo from @errafazira/Instagram.
  • 7. Fasha Sandha, 29: Mother to Putra Rayfal

      • Ed53 Image via amazonaws.com
        Fasha Sandha and son Rayfal at his first check up at Pc. Photo from @fashasandha/Instagram.
  • 8. Jezamine Lim, 29: Mother to Zander

  • 9. Dynas Mokhtar, 30: Mother to Khyra and Mohamed Haqaish

      • F31c Image via instagram.com
        Dynas Mokhtar and kids Khyra Khalyssa and Mohamed Haqaish. Photo from @dynasmokhtar/Instagram.
      • D88a Image via flickr.com
        Dynas Mokhtar, photo from Budiey.com
  • 10. Sazzy Falak, 32: Mother to Iman and Tiara

      • B39b Image via akamaihd.net
        Sazzy Falak and daughters Iman and Tiara. Photo from Sazzy Falak Facebook.

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