Dah Nampak Saluran Khas Ramadan YouTube Ini?

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif MIG Productions, David Teo mengumumkan bahawa beliau telah bekerjasama dengan Google untuk memperkenalkan saluran khas untuk filem Melayu di Youtube pada Januari 2013.

  • Saluran khas untuk Ramdan di YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/ramadanraya

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        Saluran khas untuk Ramdan di Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/ramadanraya
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        Youtube Malaysia memperkenalkan saluran khas Ramadan Raya
  • YouTube Malaysia memperkenalkan saluran khas Ramadan Raya

    • The main sponsor for this channel is Nestle and there are several other content sponsor such as Astro, Animonsta Studios, Suria Records, Homegrown Productions and Trymasak. There are over 280 videos there at YouTube’s Ramadan Raya channel which can keep you occupied for 130 hours non-stop.

    • “We hope that the YouTube Ramadan channel will become a great showcase of quality local content that reflects the beauty and diversity of Malaysia during the month of Ramadan,” added Sajith.

  • Dec 6: More Malaysian films, TV programmes ready for global release

    • The Government has introduced new production incentives for both local and foreign film producers who use Malaysia as a location for their movies' production and post-production.

    • Since Finas started taking part in the ATF in 2006, the country's participation had grown tremendously, bringing about a significant increase in the number of completed programmes.

  • Nov 19: MIG akan memperkenalkan saluran khas di Youtube

    • David Teo believes that in order to maximise revenue, he should not limit his business to cinemas only.

    • Melalui saluran baru, ia akan menjana pendapatan melalui iklan yang dipaparkan pada video tersebut.

    • Saluran khas ini akan memperkenalkan filem Melayu dengan lebih meluas di peringkat antarabangsa dan turut memberi ruang kepada penerbit filem tempatan untuk mendaftar filem mereka dengan MIG.

    • Pada YouTube, MIG Productions bakal melancarkan sebuah saluran baru dinamakan sebagai Metrowealth Pictures, disamping menggunakan saluran MIG Online yang sedia ada.

    • Metrowealth International Group signs with Google Inc. to bring Malay films to YouTube in Jan 2013

  • Adakah cara-cara filem yang bakal ditayangkan seperti ini?

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        Adakah MIG Production akan mengasingkan setiap video mengikut genre, seperti Wongfu Productions?
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        Saya berpendapat bahawa penyusunan video dalam playlist dapat memberi setiap pengguna Youtube untuk menonton filem secara berurutan, seperti yang ditunjukkan di atas.
  • Syarikat-syarikat yang memiliki 'partnership' bersama Youtube

    • Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, better known as MGM, will be the first major movie studio to post full-length feature films on YouTube

    • The contract means users of the channel will be able to stream more than 9,000 Paramount titles including Hugo, the Transformers films and classics such as The Godfather.

    • Four Eyed Monsters, a movie developed out of a video blog, has debuted on YouTube in what is believed to be the first full length feature film on the Google owned mega-site.

    • Studio18 in partnership with Google is all set to release Siddharath Narayan starrer Striker on Youtube.

  • Berapa kerapkah rakyat Malaysia melayari Youtube?

    • Here you can find the statistics of the top YouTube channels and accounts from Malaysia for the year 2012.

    • Top 7 Social Media Sites In Malaysia. The data is based on an analysis of 15 billion page views for August 2010

    • 51% actively in YouTube activity, 67% of YouTube videos viewed in Malaysia.

    • 80% of Malaysian Internet users stream or download videos each month, and 51% have an active YouTube profile.

  • Latar belakang Metrowealth Productions Sdn Bhd

    • Metrowealth Movies Production is a brand name in the Malaysian film industry. It kicked off with its maiden film entitled 'Syukur 21' in the year 2000.


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