You Just Know These 12 Things Will Happen If Star Trek Came From Malaysia

Hidup lama dan makmur, my friends!

    • Directed by Justin Lin, the man behind the action-filled, blockbuster Fast And Furious movie franchise, the much-anticipated Star Trek Beyond is coming to the cinemas this 22nd July 2016, and you can bet there's gonna be lotsa action happening.

  • Excitement aside, have you ever wondered what it would be like if Star Trek took place in Malaysia?

  • 1. We figured when posing in pictures, we won't use the peace sign anymore

  • 2. Instead of Star Trek Enterprise, it would be called Star Trek Sdn. Bhd.

  • 3. The rojak languages between Manglish and Klingon will be quite interesting...

  • 4. All the cars would slow down as they pass by this sick ride because #kepoh

    • We'd hope they don't show up during peak hours because traffic jam will just be x7824827 times worse

  • 5. Instead of Chris Pine, we'd have our very own local talent, Remy Ishak play Captain Kirk

  • 6. As for Spock, Bront Palarae would be perfect since he's already rocking the blue really well

  • 7. Plus, it seems both Remi and Bront are already besties irl #methodacting

  • 8. We would probably break dress code and wear the uniform with slippers

  • 9. Instead of Chickaboo the ostrich, we'll see an alien creature on the Malaysian highway and going viral instead

  • 10. You definitely wouldn't want this person to double park behind you

  • 11. The crew would celebrate winning an intergalactic battle with a round of teh tarik at the mamak

  • 12. Alas, the rempit races will be super extreme on a whole different level...

  • Before your imaginations run too wild, make sure you don't miss out Star Trek Beyond this 22nd July 2016!

  • What do YOU think would happen if Star Trek was from Malaysia? Let us know in the comments below. :)

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