18 Public Confessions Of Malaysian Uni Students We Found On Facebook

We went through tons of confessions from Malaysian campus students and picked out some of the best here.

  • Does your varsity have a confessions page on Facebook? The one where students submit a confession anonymously and it gets published for everyone to see.

  • Malaysian universities have been getting in on the trend. Some of the confessions that we've stumbled upon were funny, some sad, and some were just head-scratching, eyebrow-raising and jaw-droppingly "interesting".

  • 1. For example, we found a student who has a crush on his/her invigilator

  • 2. A girl was giving free, non-judgemental fashion advice to other girls

  • 3. We even found a vegetarian who confessed that he/she was seduced by the glorious aroma of meat!

  • 4. It is quite common to see posts related to exams, homework and facilities on campus. We especially love the Christopher Nolan reference!

  • 5. For one shy guy, these confession pages are the perfect platform to express his feelings to Dota Girl Mable Tan

  • 6. Some used the confession page to be a whistle blower...

  • 7. And then there are some confusing confessions... Like this guy who is looking for a girlfriend, or maybe happiness. We're quite not sure, we're confused.

  • 8. Sometimes, the most mundane incidents could turn into the highlight of the day

  • 9. It's not all nonsense and jokes on the confessions page. It is also the perfect outlet for students to express their innermost feelings. In this confession, a student tells of loneliness in his/her university life.

  • 10. Some confessions are a desperate cry for help. Some people need a listening ear and anonymity was their refuge.

  • 11. We found a high number of confessions that talked about the breakdown of relationships between parent and child, just like this girl who is not on the best terms with her mother.

  • 12. According to some confessions, there are some pretty weird stuff happening in these universities

  • 13. There are posts that tell the struggle of not being able to converse in a particular language

  • 14. We do have to applaud this exam vigilante who wants to make sure every student is rewarded fairly

  • 15. We don't know if this confession about a haunted lift is true, but it gave us the chills

  • 16. At first, we thought this confession was about a tale of two love birds who are in a long distance relationship, but then came the plot twist...

  • 17. This confession is an open secret. We all could be the author of this post.

  • 18. We saved the best for last. Read this very humorous confession by a guy who has a very interesting housemate.

  • Have you seen any funny confessions? Screenshot them and send it to us at [email protected] or message us on Facebook! If we get enough, we'll compile them for a part 2!

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