9 Things People Did With Drones That Will Make You Want One Too

Besides flying it obviously!

  • 1. Take the best damn aerial landscape photographs ever

    • No animals were harmed in the process of this picture.


  • Like seriously, the best

  • 2. Take drone wefies instead of using selfie sticks

  • 3. Record ridiculous videos from the air

  • 4. Deliver snacks directly to your friend's bedroom window

  • 5. And get your food delivered via drone

  • 6. Grab your friends and face off with a drone race

  • 7. Create awesome shapes with drone light paintings

  • 8. Express your artsy side with your drone and paint

  • 9. Synchronize drones with your friends to perform ballet under the stars

  • Who knew you could create so much art with drones?

    • If you'd like to see your art masterpiece photographed by a drone and win awesome prizes, grab your friends and join the ChampionShapes intercampus contest.


    • All you have to do is create a masterpiece using only Arnott's Shapes boxes on your campus grounds.

      Your completed artwork will be photographed and filmed using a drone, then uploaded on Facebook where the public can view and vote for you!


  • Get the full contest details here.

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