Cili Padi Sandwich And Other Insane Food Challenges Every Spicy Food Addict Should Survive

It's a miracle we did.

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  • 1. For starters: Kerrrrazy Kerepek

    • Here's what's up: kerepek ubi kayu heaped with crispy shrimp sambal.

    • Ready for this?

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: Salty and not spicy. I don’t like the taste of the shrimp paste thing. I can only take like two spoons je kot hehe.

      Judith: SALTY, SO SALTY! WHERE ARE THE SPICES?! I thought the keropok would have a spicy kick judging by its bright red 'lacquer' finish, but I guess the makcik decided to 'bagi chance sikit' that day...

      Lee Yee: Not as spicy as I expected it would be. But it was so salty, I could feel my hair falling.

      Julie: Gah, these just do NOT go together. AT ALL! Now excuse me while I polish off this bowl of kerepek on its own.

  • 2. Ease into the mains with the Bowl On Fiyah

    • Here's what's up: piping hot tom yam accompanied by fiery red kimchi.

    • Let's do this!

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: The tomyam ada ummphh! But then the spiciness tak berjaya make me sweat. Oh, it’s a bit salty also! Kimchi I tak pernah makan previously, so I don't know how to comment on that.

      Judith: SOUR, SO SOUR! It was like a Thai and a Korean were having a dance-off in my mouth. The Thai didn't leave the party until the Korean defeatedly admitted, "OKAY, YOU WIN!". Both made a very compatible couple!

      Lee Yee: This combination strangely works. I might just eat my tom yam this way now heh.

      Julie: Hmm, it's not bad actually. I'm loving how the spiciness of the tom yam works with the sourness of the kimchi. It's like asam pedas, Thai-Korean fusion style.

  • 3. Here we go: Maggi Letup's Goreng Kari Berasap

    • Here's what's up: Smoking hot Maggi Letup. We went with the Goreng Kari Berasap flavour; because that's how we roll!

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: It tastes like Maggi Kari, levelled up! It tastes good too but if this were any spicier, I think confirm I will menangis already.

      Judith: Okay, I'm officially a fan of the chilli flakes. MAGGI, PLEASE GIVE ME LIFETIME SUPPLY OF YOUR CHILLI FLAKES! My life would be complete.

      Lee Yee: Okay, don’t need to go mamak to satisfy my cravings anymore. The noodles are very ‘hiong’ (fragrant), I likeee!

      Julie: Wow, these noodles are DELICIOUS! I love how you can taste the fiery flavours in every bite.

  • The noodles' pedas kick gave us just the inspiration for a bizarre pantry project: would Maggi Letup and nasi lemak bungkus make a good mix?

  • Introducing the Bonus Level: Nasi Lemak Berasap

    • Not for the faint-hearted!

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: Oh, wow! I’ve never seen and thought of this weird combination. As weird as it sounds, they actually blend together quite well. I really love the combined flavour of the sambal along with the perencah Maggi Letup. Rasa macam nak bukak bisnes jual Nasi Lemak Berasap!

      Judith: OMG, why didn't I think of this earlier? It totally goes!

      Lee Yee: This is so genius OMG. The spiciness and savouriness of the Maggi Goreng offset the slightly sweet sambal, creating a really balanced flavour. This combo is pretty darn explosive! Or should I say… ‘meletup'!

      Julie: Aaand my nose is running... It's so intense I was half-expecting the plate to explode from all that chilli action!

  • 4. How's about a spoonful of Suicidal Sambal for desserts?

    • Here's what's up: Ayam penyet sambal, minus the fried chicken.

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: LOVE THE SAMBAL! And yes it’s spicy. It kicks in a bit late though but once it’s there, it takes some time to cool off. It'll make you berpeluh for sure.

      Judith: I'm not a fan of sweet sambal but this one had a GREAT kick with a little tinge of sweetness. Indonesians know how to make a mean sambal!

      Lee Yee: You know, I thought I could take spicy. Clearly, I can't. I'M WEAK!

      Julie: It looks quite menacing, but it's really not all that spicy! There's a hint of sweetness in there which helps to make it bearable.

  • 5. Here comes the post-meal snack for champions: Toast Of Death

    • Here's what's up: Essentially, a cili padi sandwich.

    • And it all goes downhill from here.

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: The craziest, the spiciest, the one that made me sweat! Pedas kaw-kaw and it lingers in your mouth and your lips for about 10-15 minutes. I cannot tahan. I consumed a lot of milk cause it’s just crazy. I will NOT do it again.

      Judith: WAH, CRAZY AH? I thought I would choke on the seeds and die, but... it turned out bearable for me. I think my taste buds are messed up...? The spiciness lingered on the lips for 15 minutes though. I would do this again...

      Lee Yee: Just why? What did I do to deserve this torture? I want a new tongue.

      Julie: I would not wish this on my worst enemies (or maybe I do.. hmmm..). The worst part is when the cili padi bits get stuck in your teeth, and the moment you dislodge it, you have to relieve the pain all over again!

  • 6. Wash everything down with a Samurai Shot!

    • Here's what's up: Hot green tea with a generous dollop of wasabi.

    • Bottoms up!

  • The verdict:

    • Farouq: I don’t drink green tea, and I don’t eat wasabi. So a combination of both is a NIGHTMARE! The smell? Ugghh, I boleh muntah. The taste? Damn bad weh! The wasabi scent just went straight up to my nose sampai air mata jantan I keluar. Sob sob.

      Judith: Must... stop... madness... Honestly, this was the most disappointing test out of the lot. It shoots up your nose when you smell it, but after drinking it... the weird combo will bother you more than anything. A very disturbing concoction.

      Lee Yee: I hate life. I hate life so much.

      Julie: R.I.P., dearest nose. You didn't deserve this.

  • As traumatising as some of the dishes were, life wouldn't be complete without being heaped with spice!

  • On the bright side, the next time a craving for something spicy hits, we know just the delicious treat we'll be slurping away in mere minutes:

  • Get in on Maggi Letup's explosive action!

    • In the mood for fried noodles? Goreng Kari Berasap's the way to go. Spicy soups suit you more? Check out Kari Cili Api!

  • If the Letup levels get a little too intense for you, make sure you have these cooling down tips:

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