6 Charming #IpohMali Cafes You Should Totally Check Out

The hipster trend does not escape Ipoh! With funky wall murals and Instagram-worthy cafes popping up all over, Ipoh Town is fully embracing its hipster charms.

  • 1. Burps & Giggles encompasses all things hipster, old school, and indie

    • Burps and Giggles exudes a welcoming warmth. The café has only been open for a year and business is booming. Burps and Giggles is a triple threat in the hipster café scene, with all three rooms boasting kitschy décor. The interior design is the result of random thoughts. “We gathered our furniture and décor from all over the place in Ipoh, and even Penang,” says the owner, Song. Keeping it as real and as original as possible, Burps and Giggles is old school and indie. It encompasses everything that is hipster. Menus are written on the walls in chalk in the three lots, murals by a local artist adorn the walls — the largest one is hard to miss, as it is the first thing you see upon entering the café.

    • Burps and Giggles

      Add: 93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yusuuf, Ipoh

      Hours: 8.30am to 8.30pm, Tuesdays closed. No reservations

      Tel: 05-242 6188

  • 2. For a romantic Parisian vibe, Jose & Deli is quietly waiting for you at the French Hotel

    • Located on the first floor of French Hotel at Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, it’s a hidden gem. The hotel itself is rather hard to miss — the word “French” is spelt out in large block letters that stick out of the corner lot. However, you would have to look a little closer to see Jose & Deli’s logo on the glass windows. The romantic vibe of the café and the soft French music playing in the background, makes me feel like I am back in Paris on a summer day. Shades of blue, red and white on the pillows, add to the Parisian ambience.

    • Jose & Deli @ French Hotel

      Add: 60-62, Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, 30300 Ipoh, Perak

      Hours: 8am to 10pm

      Tel: 05-2413712


  • 3. Thumb's Cafe adds a touch of hipster to the traditional Malay kampung scene

  • 4. Patisserie BoutiQue brings the sophistication of Parisian chic to Ipoh Old Town

    • Cafes have been spread out all over town lately and Pâtisserie BoutiQue has recently joined the ranks of trendy cafes. The interior design is sophisticated, with black frames and white walls with “Gateaux” written on one of the walls to remind you of their specialty, which is French for cakes. On their menu, there is Pasta, Soup, Salad, Coffee, Tea, Fruit Juice and Bottle Drinks. They also have homemade pastries, cakes and desserts. The Parisian-themed cafe Menu ranges from RM7 to RM18.

    • Patisserie Boutique

      Add: 103 Jalan Sultan Yussuf, Ipoh, Perak
      Hours: 11am-6pm, except Tuesdays
      Tel: 05-241-1385

  • 5. Tittle Tattle Houzz is a whimsical chill out spot fit for the whole family

  • 6. Bits & Bobs will spark your memories of forgotten, simple childhood joys

    • In our current 21st century ‘disposable’ culture, one would not expect to see things from the past, let alone being displayed for sale in a shop. However, Bits & Bobs is reliving our past, albeit a more recent one. Bits & Bobs have things that would make you go “I remember those good old days”. For food, they have homemade snacks like Pop Ice Sticks, Cendol, Green Bean, Iced Red Bean, homemade Ice-Cream Potong with fruit fillings and Ice Balls (NishiBomb-Sarsi and Asam, JineeBee – Rosella and Lychee, NingNong – Gula Melaka and Lychee, BusyBee – Sarsi and Rosella). They also have snacks like Panda bubble gums, Asam Jawa, Ikan Satay, Nano Nano, Soda Pops,White Rabbit, Choki Choki, etc.

    • Bits & Bobs

      Add: 99 Jalan Sultan Yusof (@ Kong Heng Square)

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