[PHOTOS] Dog Shelter Uses Creative 'Muttbombing' Tactic For Dogs Looking For A Home

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Dallas Pets Alive! photobombs Instagram users with real dogs up for adoption.

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No matter where you stand on its rise to cultural prominence, there's no denying the power of the selfie

  • Whether a sign of the new narcissism, a new art form or simply just a new way to say "hello, this is me," the pose is an Instagram staple and it's about time someone found a way to use it for the power of good.


Enter Dallas Pets Alive!

DallasPetsAlive and their "Mutt Bombing" Project is by far one of the best marketing/Instagram campaigns we have seen from a shelter, let alone any organization

Mutt Bombing is similar to photo bombing. It happens when someone (in this case a dog) gets into your photo without you realizing it.

The campaign was created by the agency Dieste to try and show people a different side of the dogs that have often been left behind by their previous owners

  • DPA executive director Leslie Sans said in a statement, “When it comes to finding homes for shelter pets, you have to really get creative. So we’re trying to show a different side of our pets through a fun and virtual interaction.”


Apart from the unexpected presence of a cute little four-legged friend, each picture also comes with a comment voiced as if the dog were introducing itself

Not only that, but it often has something to say about a particular pose, or location choice of the selfie that has just been taken

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