6 Reasons Why Malaysia Was Named 3rd Best Place To Retire In 2014

American magazine InternationalLiving.com has named Malaysia 3rd best place to retire in its 2014 edition of its annual Global Retirement Index.

  • The Global Retirement Index Named Malaysia The 3rd Best Place To Retire In 2014

    • In the 2014 edition of its annual Global Retirement Index, American magazine InternationalLiving.com places Panama at the top of the list of the best places to spend retirement.

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        Best places to retire according to International Living.com's Global Retirement Index 2014.
    • A total of 24 countries are listed in the magazine's ranking, which is based on the analysis from its correspondents around the globe. Each destination is evaluated across eight areas with an effect on everyday life, including real estate, climate, cost of living, entertainment and healthcare.

  • Below Are 6 Reasons Why They Named Malaysia "Asia's Best Retirement Haven"

  • REASON 1: "There Are Cool Hill Stations, Mountain Retreats From The Time Of The British Raj, Islands To Hop Or Explore By Yacht, And Health Care Is Second-To-None"

  • REASON 2: "Infrastructure Is First World And You'll Have No Problem Finding High Speed Internet Or Cable TV"

    • "Infrastructure here is First World and you’ll have no problem finding high speed Internet or cable TV (Packages cost from $30 a month). If you chose to drive you’ll find the roads are excellent. And when you move to Malaysia you can import a car—and your household goods—duty free."

  • REASON 3: "If You Choose To Buy Property Malaysia Makes It Easier For You As A Foreigner Than Anywhere Else In The Region"

  • REASON 4: "Penang Island, The Country's Capital In The South (You Mean North?), Are Medical Centres Of Excellence"

    • "Penang Island, in the north east and Kuala Lumpur, the country’s capital in the south, are medical centers of excellence."

    • "The hospitals are top-notch and the physicians speak English, having been either been trained or completed their postgraduate studies in the U.S. or UK—which makes the cost of health care all the more incredible. You can see a specialist without any need for an appointment for as little as $11. Just turn up. It’s the same with dentists."

  • REASON 5: "The Country's Diverse Ethnic Mix Makes Being A Stranger Here Easy"

    • "Whether you live in bohemian Penang or Kuala Lumpur, the country’s hip capital, you’ll meet friendly locals who are happy to stop and chat and welcome you into their home. People are accepting, just ask the international mix of expats all on the same journey as you and happy to share."

  • REASON 6: "Malaysians Have A Lot Of Respect For Older People; In Fact It's An Intrinsic Part Of Their Culture"

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        A photo of Malaysia's mobile clinics providing home care for elderly.
    • "A full-time, live-in maid costs just $400 a month, and single older expats hire maids with nursing abilities, who care for them in the comfort of their own home."

  • In Its Annual Global Retirement Index, InternationalLiving.com Profiles The Best Destinations For Good-Value Living Around The World

    • International Living is a publishing group founded in Baltimore, Maryland in 1979 as part of Agora, Inc. headed by Bill Bonner. International Living monthly newsletter covers topics including retiring overseas, living abroad, international real estate, investment and travel, while an "IL Postcard" is emailed daily to readers.

  • In October 2013, Lonely Planet Named Malaysia Top 10 Travel Destinations For 2014

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