Discounted Hotel Room Rates with 1Malaysia Discount Card!

The Malaysian armed forces and students in local public universities all possess the 1Malaysia Discount Card (KDR1M) which entitles them to discounts on daily necessities. The Information, Communications and Culture Ministry just announced that this will soon be available for all Malaysians!

  • All Malaysians will enjoy discounts soon

    • KUALA LUMPUR: Ng Zhun Ye regards the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) as a godsend for students.
    • KUALA LUMPUR: Ng Zhun Ye regards the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M) as a godsend for students.
    • In July 2012, the Malaysian Government introduced a co-branded discount card for students of local public and private institutions called the 1Malaysia Student Discount Card (KADS1M).
    • Diskaun 25% bagi harga bilik sahaja
    • The KDR1M: 1Malaysia Discount Card For All initiative was the brainchild of our beloved Prime Minister and under the National Blue Ocean Strategy to lessen the people’s financial burden.
    • Jom servey senarai nama syarikat yg terlibat dalam Kad Diskaun Siswa 1Malaysia (KADS1M)..
    • "Selepas ini kita akan keluarkan KDR1M, di mana lebih ramai rakyat Malaysia boleh menikmati diskaun apabila membeli barang keperluan mereka," pengerusi Informasi Malaysia kata.
    • The KDR1M programme is managed by Informasi Malaysia, an agency set up to conduct programmes and activities in the effort to explain the objectives and functions of the 1Malaysia concept.
    • Managed by Informasi Malaysia, its chairman said KDR1M would be launched by Prime Minister soon after the mode of implementation and other criteria had been worked out.
    • “We have designed the discount card and will present it to the prime minister for his approval,” Informasi Malaysia chairman said.
    • The initiative to introduce the KDR1M reflected the sincerity and concern of the BN government led by Prime Minister in safeguarding the interests and well-being of the people.
    • A 2-year contract had been signed with the merchants for the proposed KDR1M programme, under which holders would enjoy a wide range of products and services at discounted rates.
    • The 1Malaysia Privilege Card (KDR1M) is to be distributed to some 10 million Malaysians, offering the discounts up to 50 per cent at over 4,500 merchants nationwide.
    • "We will issue the KDR1M, whereby all Malaysians can enjoy discounts when buying essential goods," deputy Information, Communications & Culture Minister said.
  • How does the KDR1M work?

    • Why pay more when you can get for less?
    • Checking inflation far better than swiping KDR1M
    • The KDR1M covers medical clinics; restaurants; hotels; sports and fitness arenas; wholesalers and retailers; theme parks; construction and interior decoration; resorts; clothings, etc.
    • The goods and services include books, stationery, sports attire, transport and accommodation, health clinic, automotive workshop and recreation services.
    • Students stand to enjoy discounts of between five and 60 per cent for goods and services from more than 2,600 outlets of 264 participating companies.
    • KADS1M provided free to public and private university students was to help reduce their cost of living via discounts of between two to 60 percent on products and services.
    • Pemegang kad boleh memperolehi segala manfaat dengan mendapatkan diskaun bukan sahaja di tempat-tempat utama malah seluruh semenanjung Malaysia termasuk Sabah & Sarawak.

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