[NEW UPDATE] Bukit Gasing Murder Triggers Crime Into An Election Concern

The story of a selfless mum who sacrificed her life in order to save her daughter's started trending on Facebook. The incident took place at the Bukit Gasing trail on Saturday, 20 April, when the 52-year-old woman was stabbed to death by two men armed with knives while jogging with her 17-year-old daughter. "Follow this story" for the latest updates.

  • Urban voters demands public security and safety to be addressed in GE

    • A woman’s murder during broad daylight in Bukit Gasing is again placing the spotlight on crime as a major issue among urban voters in Election 2013, said political analysts today.

    • “They can see that the police are not moving. You always hear of crime. When they go report to the police, they’re not interested. That’s the story you always hear,”..

    • “They’re really angry that although they’re paying taxes, they’re not getting the service,” political analyst James Chin said referring to middle-class voters in the Klang Valley, Johor and Penang.

    • “It is very important that the govt wins the confidence of the people by fully revealing the quality of their statistics of incidents of crime."

    • Crime watchdog MyWatch chairman R. Sri Sanjeevan pointed out Putrajaya and the police have merely said that crime was a perception in response to public concerns.

    • The police have denied manipulating national crime figures.

      Polls watchdog Bersih co-chairman Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said that people were “very horrified” by the Bukit Gasing killing.

  • Hundreds gathered to pay their respects

    • Hundreds of people paid their final respects Wednesday to social activist Irene Ong Ai Siam, who was stabbed to death by two motorcylists in Bukit Gasing on Saturday.

    • An air of gloom settled over the Gui Yan crematorium here as her loved ones, including relatives, friends, colleagues and neighbours, gathered to say goodbye to the woman.

  • Four suspects aged 16-18 arrested on 23 April 2013

    • Selangor police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Tun Hisah Tun Hamzah has confirmed that four people have been arrested in connection to the murder of Madam Ong Ai Sam.

    • The suspects were detained by police at Flat Sri Medan and Flat Bukit Gasing Indah between 1am and 3am Tuesday, he said.

  • What happened at Bukit Gasing trail?

    • A 52-year-old woman was robbed and stabbed to death by two men armed with knives while she was jogging with her daughter at the Bukit Gasing trail on Saturday.

    • Ong Ai Sam and her 17-year-old daughter were approached by two men on a motorcycle that were not wearing full-face helmets who demanded a sling bag carried by the victim.

    • Ong shouted to her daughter, Hui Ying Chin, telling her to run to safety. She selflessly blocked the two suspects while her daughter tried to get help from other pedestrians in the area.

    • "She put up a fight and scuffle ensued...that was when one of the suspects stabbed her several times," said district police chief Assistant Commissioner Arjunaidi Mohamed.

    • Ong’s daughter returned to the scene with another woman & found the victim lying in pool of blood. She was rushed to the UM Medical Centre, but succumbed to her injuries 20 minutes later.

    • Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Arjunaidi Mohamad said police are collecting CCTV footage from nearby houses, "We believe the motive was murder. We hope to identify the suspects soon."

  • The deceased: Irene Ong

      • 55a9 Image via akamaihd.net
        Irene Ong, 52, sacrificed her life to save her daughter's when attacked by two armed men at the Bukit Gasing trail.
      • 48f2 Image via akamaihd.net
        Irene Ong, 52, sacrificed her life to save her daughter's.
    • "She's beautiful. The most wonderful person I have/will ever know. I love you, Mama Irene Ong Ai Siam you will live in my heart forever. Thank you for bringing love and joy to everyone around you."

  • 17-year-old daughter Hui Ying recounts "the ugly truth" in detail on blog

      • B59b Image via imgur.com
        17-year-old daughter Hui Ying recounts "the ugly truth" of unfortunate incident of 52-year-old mother's death and sacrifice on blog in detail.
    • "Ma, I just saw your body, lying in the coffin. You look so beautiful, peaceful, just like you're sleeping. And I have the biggest urge to scream 'wake up'."

  • Comments left by Malaysian netizens on Facebook

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        Death of 52-year-old jogger and mum trends on Facebook.
      • 25ae Image via imgur.com
        Ong Ai Sam sacrifices life to save daughter's.
  • Was Irene Ong Ai Sam's death attempted murder or robbery? Malaysian press & 17-year-old daughter tell different stories

      • 0142 Image via imgur.com
        17-year-old daughter recounts mum's death in detail on blog.
    • The Star says, "The suspects demanded the victim hand over her belongings but Ong shouted to her 17-year-old daughter, telling her to run to safety."

    • Ntv7 says, "The suspects, armed with knives, demanded the victim, a head nurse, to surrender her valuables."

    • 17-year-old Hui Ying says, "The man attacked my mum straight away, without saying any words."

  • Homecoming and funeral of Irene Ong Ai Siam

    • Homecoming (Monday & Tuesday, 8:30pm) and funeral (Wednesday, 9:30am) will be held at Gui Yuan Crematorium (Modern Casket PJ), Kampung Tunku, PJ. Parlour #5.

  • Is the Bukit Gasing trail safe for hikers and joggers? Here's what the community say:

    • In late 2012, The Association of Backpackers Malaysia (ABM) spotted danger spots all over the forest trails that were regularly used by hikers on a daily basis.

    • "When I was sitting there, I was looking out more for potential dangers rather than enjoying...nature. I always have a feeling that someone will come and poke a knife at me and rob me mindless."

    • "After our hike at Bukit Gasing PJ, a friend's car got broken into. It was parked at a lane near the playground. This happened between 8-10am on 24 Feb 2013."


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