Full Story: Alvin And Vivian's Sex Blog

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A pair of Malaysian students studying in NUS sparked controversies by openly publishing explicit content of their sexual engagements online. Get the full story here and its latest updates.

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Vivian apologises to her parents on Facebook

  • She said she “sincerely apologized to her mother who had to face tremendous pressure following the media spotlight on her daring expose.”


  • Women in Malaysia said that Lee is a symbol of female freedom to talk about sex and they urged her not to stop writing about sex


Exclusive Alvin and Vivian interviews

More info disclosed: swapping sex partners

  • In an interview, the couple said the last time they swapped partners was early this month, adding that this was with a couple whom they did not personally know.


  • They had swapped partners several times before their sex videos and nude shots went viral.


Actions undertaken by authorities against Alvin & Vivian

  • Alvin Tan has been called up to the National University of Singapore (NUS) to face potential disciplinary action.


  • Alvin has been served notice to appear before a board that will take appropriate action against him, said a spokesman for the National University of Singapore (NUS).


  • Alvin has been stripped of funding for tuition fees, accommodation, and allowance. He will have to fork out at least RM275,000 to fund all 7 years of his education costs in Singapore.


  • Alvin said he was sorry for bringing disrepute to the institution, what he did was done in his "own personal time as a private individual and not an NUS student."


Alvin & Vivian respond to criticism

  • They posed and preened for photos naked and uploaded close-up shots of their private parts to their blog and called the images “art”.


  • Vivian said, "What [sic] the fuss???"


  • Blogger Alvin bertekad menambah koleksi rakaman video seks mereka!


  • "What do I have to apologise for? For hurting your soft, sensitive feelings or, I don't know, breaching some moral code you hold dearly to yourself which I do not hold to?" Alvin said in an interview.


What people say about the blog & couple

  • The expose on the blog’s has since created a stir in the island republic, with the controversy front-paged by The New Paper, and even reported in The Straits Times.


  • Regardless apa pun agama dan bangsa mereka orang asia nie mempunyai satu benda yang special iaitu culture yang penuh budaya tata tertib.


'Sumptuous Erotica' - Alvin & Vivian's sex blog exposed

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