[VIDEO] Budak Kecil Mencuri IPad #OnlyInChina

Budak kecil berusia kira-kira 4 tahun mencuri dengan menyembunyikan iPad di bawah bajunya. Please do not imitate this action!

  • Budak kecil menyembunyi iPad di bawah pakaian

  • Budak perempuan tak sedar CCTV

    • Budak perempuan dalam video yang cuba mencuri iPad berwarna merah jambu dari kedai elektrik dengan menyembunyikan ia di bawah bajunya.

    • Rakaman CCTV tersebut difilemkan di sebuah kedai di China dan diposkan di laman web LiveLeak. Tidak jelas apa yang berlaku seterusnya - sama ada budak itu telah dihentikan oleh pekerja kedai itu atau ibunya menyedari kesalahan budak tersebut.

  • A peek into neglected children and the related social issues in China

    • China's social wave of rural-to-urban migration has put children at greater risk. According to research published by the All-China Women's Federation, around 61 million children are left behind in the countryside while their parents work in the cities.

    • Necessity makes left-behind children more self-reliant. In a survey of 3,086 left-behind children in primary & middle schools in Yunfu city, Guangdong, about half the respondents said that when they encountered problems, they tended to solve them on their own.

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