Full Story: Girl Who Committed Suicide In Berjaya Times Square

News circulating on Facebook is that a girl committed suicide in Berjaya Times Square by jumping from the 6th floor in the building. More updates on the way.

  • Research on links between mental illness and suicide

    • As part of the Taiwan Aboriginal Study Project: a high proportion of suicides suffered from mental illness before committing suicide (97% to 100%).

    • Patients suffering from schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorder have a risk of suicide that is ten times greater than the general public’s, says a new report.

    • Denmark has the oldest continuous records of mentally ill patients in the world.

  • Woman identified, mentally ill

    • Pihak Polis didalam satu kenyataan memberitahu media bahawa wanita yang membunuh diri di sebuah Pusat menbeli belah di Ibukota, mengalami masalah mental..

    • “We learnt that the woman had been suffering from mental illness for the past couple of years," police said.

    • A witness (man) who did not want to be named said at about 10am, he saw the woman leaning on to the panel railing of the 6th floor.

    • Choo Czek Yeng, 36, maut di tempat kejadian akibat pendarahan teruk di kepala.

  • Mall asked shoppers to delete photos

    • "The body of the victim was sent to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital for a post mortem," Dang Wangi police chief said.

    • Pengunjung di Times Square di sini gempar apabila seorang wanita maut selepas terjatuh dari tingkat enam kompleks...

    • No wonder the guards keep looking/stand near me whenever I try to look down from 3rd floor and above

    • the whole mall is hush hush about it though. try taking photos they'll ask you delete.

  • Boyfriend accidentally pushed her off the railing

    • Early news received it was because quarrel with boyfriend.

    • Akibat daripada terlalu taksub dgn cinta

    • Many commenters in Facebook has confirmed this incident is true, however for more detailed info, we are waiting for the news.

    • some say 8th floor, others 10th floor...dunno which one is true

    • Angkara Valentine Day . Gadis Nekad Bunuh Diri Di Berjaya Times Square | Miecyber's Blog

    • she had argument with BF. BF pushed her to railing and she somehow tipped over. bf tried to pull her up but failed. If so the guy is in deep shit now.

    • yes a suicide has just happened in time square. many police here now. the girl's body has been wrapped in a black plastic. many people surrounding it. some say the girl was heartbroken.

  • Girl fell from 6th floor

    • Mayat gadis cina yang dipenuhi darah itu dipercayai telah terjun dari tingkat 6 shopping mall tersebut.

    • The body of a woman was found in the lobby of Berjaya Times Square shopping mall, next to the U Mobile booth. The deceased is a Chinese girl, around 19 years old.

    • seorg wanita berbangsa cina umur 19taun terjun dari tingkat 6 ke grnd floor.depan papajohn

    • Just now 11am .. got one chinese girl commit suicided at Berjaya Times Square jumped from main hall. The victim ... die on the spot !

    • The tragedy happened at 11am, when a girl jumped from the 6th floor in Berjaya Times Square on Valentine's Day.

    • The 2nd photo to surface of the incident.


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