The Truth Behind McDonald's "Non-Halal" Sauces

McDonald's was recently under fire for not being halal after rumours that its sauces are made of pork fat circulated on the internet.

  • McDonald's responds to allegations that it is non-halal (Click for full view)

  • McDonald's was accused of being not halal after online rumours that it uses pork-based ingredients in its sauces

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        McDonald's accused for being not halal
    • McDonald’s have been under fire lately admist rumours that traces of LM 10 which is pork fat that have been found in their sauces.
    • The issue came to light after postings on Facebook claimed that the mayonnaise used by McDonalds contained pork based-ingredients, known as LM10.
  • Emails and Facebook posts say that the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) have withdrawn the halal certificate from McDonalds' stores in South Africa

    • "South African McDonald's officials have confirmed that all sauce based ingredients are imported from the US.(Muslim) consumers are advised to abstain from McDonald's. Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and IQSA has also withdrawn certification countrywide."
    • "Acccording to the kitchen office in Florida, United States, study into the McDonald's ingredients has shown positive evidence of PORK materials which is called "LM10" are used in the McDonald's mayo."
  • The Muslim Judicial Halal Trust in South Africa says that the email is a hoax

    • There is currently a hoax e-mail in circulation intended on casting doubt on the Halaal Status of McDonalds.

      The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust (MJCHT) therefore confirms that all the McDonald’s stores are fully Halaal compliant and have been Halaal certified by the MJC Halaal Trust since January 2008.
    • Furthermore the MJCHT assures that the McDonald’s Stores are being supervised both internally and externally on a continual basis. NO McDonald’s store is allowed to purchase raw materials or products elsewhere as all the McDonald’s Stores are supplied from Halaal Certified Central Distribution Centers.
    • Muslims unsure of the halal status of McDonald’s in South Africa can rest assured that the fast-food chain is halal. That was according to the Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust (MJCHT) director, Sheik Achmat Sedick, who reported that concerns have again been raised, following the resurgence of a hoax email stating that the franchise is not halal.
    • “Muslims often just assume what’s halal and haram and make a huge issue, without asking the necessary authorities. We urge Muslim consumers not to fall prey to these emails as some people are condemning the MJC and ICSA and saying we have withdrawn the certification."
  • JAKIM in Malaysia confirmed in September 2013 that McDonald's Malaysia is fully certified halal

    • The Malaysia Department of Islamic Development, JAKIM today confirmed that the mayonnaise used by McDonald's Malaysia in its products is halal.
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        JAKIM in Malaysia confirmed in September 2013 that McDonald's Malaysia is fully certified halal
    • According to Jakim's Halal Hub director Hakimah Mohd Yusoff, the Muslim Judicial Council Halal Trust of South Africa, which purportedly issued the non-halal warning, has also denied making such declaration.
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