[SHARE] The Full Story Behind The Murder Of 15-Year-Old Ng Yuk Tim

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The gruesome murder of 15-year-old girl Ng Yuk Tim has shocked the nation. Malaysians are grieving for the young girl who died under the hands of a Facebook friend. This is Yuk Tim's story of a manipulative man and a friendship gone wrong.

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Ng Yuk Tim's Killer Could Face Death Sentence If Convicted For Murder

Ng Yuk Tim's Mother Fears The Safety Of Her Remaining Baby Girl

  • Following the publicity from the death of her eldest daughter, Sim Yee Ling is determined to protect her remaining daughter from the painful memories.

    The jewellery salesperson said that Ng Ee Sin, 10, had been very sad and lost her appetite earlier.


  • “They were always quarrelling but now it feels too quiet,” she told reporters at the wake of her 15-year-old daughter Yuk Tim.


  • Yuk Tim's 10-year-old sister and her aunt Serene Sim, 31, were the only representatives of the family in the ceremony.

    The little girl bravely led the funeral procession as teary-eyed friends and relatives followed closely


  • Sim said that she had not expected all the attention that was suddenly heaped on her since the beginning of her ordeal.

    “I am not a celebrity. I do not need all this attention,” she said.


Ng Yuk Tim's Killer Says It's Too Late To Regret Killing The 15-Year-Old Girl

Murder Suspect's Grandmother And Friends Are In Disbelief, Says He Is A Nice Person

  • Her face was a picture of sorrow and disbelief as she watched the 23-year-old who sat handcuffed in the back of a police car outside their home on Tuesday night.
    Her eyes were tearing but all she could do was look; she had been barred from speaking to him.


  • Yesterday, the 80-year-old woman said the suspect’s mother had deser­ted the family when he was young.

    She said the suspect and his older sister had been living with her since their father died about a year ago.


  • “I don’t believe he could do such a thing. He kept to himself but he is a nice person”. “The police brought him to the house at 11pm and he showed the policemen around until about 2am.

    “I asked him, ‘Are you hungry? How are you?’ But he didn’t say anything to me, he just cried,” she said.


  • Some cosplayers, who know the suspect personally, could not believe that he was involved in a murder. “He is a nice guy and he has many supporters. Even his closest friends will not believe he did it,” said a cosplayer who knows him personally.


Ng Yuk Tim's Grandfather Says They Will Never Forgive The Killer For Taking Away Their Happiness

Victim's Mother Says Yuk Yim Was A Caring And Loving Person, She Knew Of The Suspect

  • The body of Ng Yuk Tim was claimed by her family at the Universiti Malaya Medical Centre at 11.30am today.

    Yuk Tim was the elder of two children and had just completed her PMR exams.


  • Murdered teenager Ng Yuk Tim was a caring person who was always advising her mother and family members to be careful and to drive safely.

    “I always felt that her caring reminders were annoying at the time,” said the girl’s mother in a heartfelt posting on her Facebook page yesterday.


  • “When I go out, she is at home and reminds me to ‘be careful, be careful!’. When I send her to school, when she gets out of the car, she always says ‘drive carefully!’

    “When her grandma goes out, she says ‘Grandma, be careful!’.”


  • Sim said she was crushed when she read some of the comments posted about her daughter online.

    “The things that people have been saying online about my daughter are horrible. Some are saying she deser­ved it because she went to see a guy on her own.

    “My daughter had always been a good girl,” said Sim.


  • She said her daughter usually kept to her group of close friends from school, adding she did not know that her daughter was going to meet the suspect alone.

    “I’ve heard about him from my daughter, but yesterday (Tuesday) was my first time seeing him in person,” she said.


  • The heartbroken mother ended her post saying “My little sweetheart, I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye”.


A Lesson To Learn From Ng Yuk Tim's Tragedy

  • Malaysian Association of Social Workers (MASW) president Teoh Ai Hua said parents should keep a lookout on who their children are mingling with, especially those mixing with people who are far older than they are.


  • "If your kid's friends are schoolmates or neighbours of about the same age, that's less worrying. But do be more alert if they are older," said Teoh.


  • “The victim notified family members of her whereabouts, and went out during the day. This all seems normal for an urban teenager’s day to day activity. This is simply unfortunate.”

    However, the social worker warns that young girls should avoid going to private places alone with the opposite sex.


  • "Set the meet up location at a public place instead of their homes. When you are both out of the public eye, it makes the situation even more dangerous."

    Meanwhile, Teoh feels the suspect’s mental condition should be considered, as he could still be calm and composed in front of the victim’s family.


15-Year-Old Girl Ng Yuk Tim Was Found Dead In A Green Suitcase At Shah Alam

Yuk Tim Was Missing Since Monday (21 October 2013)

The Discovery Was Made After A Gruesome Confession By The Suspect, A 23-Year-Old Man

The Suspect Attempted To Rape Yuk Tim, But Ended Up Killing Her With A Dumbell When She Fought Back

Yuk Tim And The Suspect Were Friends Who Met On Facebook

  • The suspect was among the friends. It is understood that she had befriended the man via Facebook.


She Had Gone To The Man's House In Cheras On Her Own On Monday Morning But Never Returned

The Last Anyone Heard From Her Was An SMS On Monday, 2.30pm. Her Phone Was Unreachable After That

Yuk Tim's Mother, 35-Year-Old Sim Yee Ling, Was Desperately Searching For Her Daughter And Pleaded For Yuk Tim's Safety

When Yuk Tim's Family Asked The Suspect About Her Whereabouts, He Said He Dropped Her Off At The Kelana Jaya LRT Station At 3pm

The Suspect Also Posted Two Heartfelt FB Posts Urging People To Help Find The Missing Girl. His Posts Were Shared Over 800 Times

  • Meanwhile, the man suspected of killing the teenager posted a photograph of her on his Facebook page, urging people to help find her early yesterday morning.
    The 23-year-old wrote the post at 1am, after the mother lodged a police report about her missing daughter.


  • “Everyone please help find her. Her mother is looking for her. She came over to my house to help me make Cosplay helmets. As I had to leave for work, I sent her to the LRT station. If anyone has any info, please contact her mother. Everyone please try to search for her. She is wearing the same clothes seen in this photo,” read his first post.


  • At about 7am yesterday, the suspect posted another update on his Facebook profile.

    “It has been an entire morning. Ah Tim (Ng) where have you been? Your mother and father are looking for you. Please don’t scare us,” read the post.


  • His posts and photo were shared over 800 times by other Facebook users.


Police Says They Suspected That The "Friend" Was Responsible For Yuk Tim's Disappearance After Noticing Peculiar Injuries On His Hand

Police Is Investigating The Suspect's House And Van For Evidence

Ng Yuk Tim Was A Child Of Divorce And Was Living With Her Mother

  • Yuk Tim’s parents are divorced and she had been living with her mother, younger sister, aunt and grandmother.


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