This Couple Fell To Their Death While Having Sex By The Window

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This Asian couple was allegedly having sex by the window of their 5th floor apartment from where they fell to their deaths. Hopefully they died happy.

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PHOTO: This couple fell to death while making love by window from their 5th floor apartment

The story behind the couple who fell to death while making love by window

What people are saying about the tragedy

  • "This is the best way to die."

  • "Damn, this really is loving until death."

  • "If she had a husband and was having sex with another man, then that would really be embarrassing!"

  • "It is said that “everyone dies, but if it is a worthy death, what do you have to regret?” Died fucking! Died having a great time! This is also counted as a worthy death. They died without regret. They should be smiling in their graves!"

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