[FACT OR FAKE #30] This Photo Of A Python Who Swallowed A Drunk Man In India

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An image of a python claiming to have swallowed a drunk man in India has gone viral on Twitter. The image posted by a user based in India has been retweeted over 15,000 times and been favourited more than 4,000 times. We filter out all the fact from what's fake in this story.

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The story about a python eating a drunk man in India spread like a wildfire with a caption: "The simple lesson to be learned here: don’t get drunk on the streets in India." How much of it is a fact and fake?

  • The site reported that a drunk man in India was taking a well-deserved nap outside a liquor store today, when he was discovered by a huge python. Unfortunately it was just around lunch time for the large snake, that smothered and ate him.


  • Further adding: "The incident happened in the Attapadi area in the state Kerala. So if you ever have plans to go there on holiday, you better wait to get drunk until you’re safe and sound in your hotelroom."


FAKE: NO, a python did NOT swallow a drunk man in India.The image used has been in circulation since many years now.

  • A report titled “Python Eats Drunk Guy in India” is a hoax. The image has been circulated around the Internet for the past several years and has different content each time.


  • The latest “report” was circulated by an Indian “financial professional” via Twitter, getting 15,000 retweets over the past several days.

    “A Python ate a person who was drunk and lying beside the liquor shop. News from Attapady, Kerala,” it reads.


  • Depending on which version of the story you read, the overstuffed python above swallowed a drunk guy in India, an unknown woman in South Africa, an unknown man in Qujing, China, a person of unknown gender in Indonesia, or a 4-year-old child in Malaysia.


The photo has been circulating online for at least two years and more likely than not documents a python digesting a goat or a deer

Meanwhile, British actor and radio and television presenter Adil Ray also took to his Twitter account to clear the false reports

Either way, whoever or whatever the snake swallowed, each time the picture has surfaced it has had a different and increasingly lurid story attached to it. Who will the snake eat next? And, more importantly, where will the unfortunate be devoured?

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