EXPOSED: The Full Story Behind The 'Sweet Young Malaysian Girls' Blog

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A blog featuring "a collection of images of Young Malaysian Girls" has sparked the rage of netizens across the nation.

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Social Media Users Find Three More Blogs Similar To 'Sweet Young Malaysian Girls'

Yeoh Ee Ping, A Victim Of The Blog Shares How Her Friendship And Trust Were Betrayed By Serge Norguard (Lionel Goh)

  • The photos Ee Ping posted online are all privatised. Serge was her friend and "he not only betray that friendship, [he] took that trust and abused it by violating [her] privacy".

  • Ee Ping also writes that "the ONLY way [Serge] got [her] pictures were because of the fact that [he was] on [her] friends list which makes [him] an transgressor of [her] privacy".

  • "You justify your use of my pictures (without my prior consent or knowledge) by claiming that by informing me, it would affect the findings of this research. That was your first mistake. How can any credible research be carried out without any grounds of ethics?" Ee Ping writes.

  • She has lodged a report and tells other victims they can do so anonymously by submitting an online report to Cyber999 at

This Person Wants Serge Norguard (Lionel Goh) To Taste His Own Medicine With The Help Of The Internet

  • "You have spoken your piece. Now, allow us to retort," writes Wesley Chang to Serge Norguard.

  • "The pictures [of the girls] are now accessible anywhere, especially in websites where people with unsavoury intentions gather to such purposes. And if these people have malicious intentions, they can now have a target — a girl with a real name and what country they are from, where they can easily search for in facebook or on search engine."

  • "Since whatever you have done, you freely admit, and all your actions are recorded forever in the internet, let’s create a blog for just that."

  • Wesley suggests that this be done to Serge Norguard "because this is happening exactly to victims who’s identity and pictures are stolen and distributed to the internet. Their lives are directly affected, forever".

  • Wesley ends his letter by urging Serge Norguard to come clean, issue a public apology and private apology to each victim as well as volunteering himself as the primary spokesperson for cyber civil rights.

Lightyoruichi's Harinder Singh's Reponse To Serge Norguard's Unapologetic Blogpost

Serge Norguard Writes A New Blogpost And Says That The "Sweet Young Malaysian Girls" Blog Was An EXPERIMENT

How Harinder Singh Managed To Trap And Prove That Serge Norguard aka Lionel Goh Is The Culprit Behind The Blog

Names And Photos Of Young Malaysian Girls Were Found On A Blog Titled "Sweet Young Malaysian Girls"

The Photos, Featuring Mostly Minors, Are Believed To Have Been Taken Without Consent

Tags Like "Sweet Young Thing", "Asian Teen" And "Chio Bu" (Hokkien For 'Pretty Lass') Are Seen In Each Post

Blogger Has A Zero-Tolerance Policy Towards "Content That Exploits Children" And Users Are Not Allowed To "Use Blogger As A Way To Make Money On Adult Content"

"What You Guys Don't Know Is, There Are Ads On This Blog...Every Single View Will Help This Guy Generate Income." - YouTube User Guany Guan TV

The Controversial Blog Has Since Been Removed And A Victim Is Now Accusing 'Serge Norguard' As Being Responsible For The Creation Of This Blog

Another Facebook User Says, "View The Blog Using A Different URL Feed, It Will Show You That Every Post Has The Same Contributor Explicitly Named Beside Every Post Title."

'Serge Norguard' - Author Of - Responded With An Official Statement, "My Account Could Have Been Compromised."

In Response To Serge's Statement, Author Of LightYoruichi Posed 5 Questions To Serge

How Easy Is It For Stalkers To Search For These Pictures? The Internet Is Rife With Criticism Of Facebook's Graph Search

  • Using Graph Search, I requested to find "people who attend [name of local] junior high." The results: a list of 7th, 8th, and 9th graders at the local junior high. With this type of data, it would only take a few more minutes to determine where each child lived. A sexual predator could easily target kids in his neighborhood or town.

  • Facebook blocks minors you aren’t friends with from showing up in Graph Search results. That means that all of these teenagers lied about their ages, and Facebook thinks they’re over 18. They also set their profile settings to “Public,” meaning that anyone with a Facebook account can look at their profile.

  • Facebook’s contention that nothing will come up in a search that has not been shared publicly with the person searching may be technically true. And making it true may well be a monumental engineering problem that it is proud to have solved. But the fact is that most users do not realize all that they have shared, or have shared things in one context and never intended them to be shared in another.

A Simple Google Search Will Teach You How To Stalk Others On Facebook Using Special Apps

  • An app called 'FBStalker' has made it easier than ever to dig into your personal data is Graph Search. Though fun and incredibly revealing (for better or worse), we haven’t totally understood the potential and magnitude of this tool – until now. It can find out what your weaknesses are and how to exploit them, all using Graph Search as well as information culled from your friends.

While Some Teens May Have Set Their Selfies To 'Public', Many Parents And Children Are Still In The Dark When It Comes To Privacy Settings

Google And Microsoft Are Already Cracking Down On Child Pornography Searches

  • Google Chairman Eric Schmidt today, 18 Nov 2013, said his company's search engine has made it far more difficult to find images of child pornography and that Google is developing a technology that will identify children being abused in YouTube videos.

  • Schmidt broke the new measures down into subcategories that included "cleaning up" more than 100,000 search results and introducing new warnings that appear above more than 13,000 results, warnings that reiterate that child porn and child sexual abuse is illegal and offer avenues for help.

  • Schmidt said the changes will be implemented in more than 150 languages, although he did not say when that would happen.


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