Taunted, Tortured, And Sodomised: Nhaveen's Case Is Now Reclassified As Murder

IGP Khalid took the decision following Nhaveen's death.

  • Nhaveen's case is being re-classified as murder following his death on 15 June, said IGP Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar

    • Initially, the police were investigating the gruesome case for rioting with weapons under Section 148 of the Penal Code.

      IGP Khalid, who was speaking to reporters at the Bukit Aman Federal Police HQs, said, "We will reclassify the case as murder."

  • Following his death, Nhaveen's uncle Thiyagarajan had urged police to take immediate action against the suspects

    • "We urge the police to take immediate action and investigate the case in detail. We want those involved to be arrested and subjected to legal action," he said.

  • Nhaveen succumbed to his injuries at the Penang Hospital at 5.31pm on Thursday. According to reports, he would be cremated at the Batu Gantung Crematorium at 2pm today.

      • 6f91 Image via theSundaily
        A relative cries in anguish and shows a picture of the deceased Nhaveen on her phone before kissing the screen.
  • Yesterday, after the family learned the news of Nhaveen's death, his mother, Shanti, fainted several times. And when she regained consciousness, she was inconsolable.

      • 889f Image via Mikail Ong/NST
        Mother Shanti being consoled by Thiyagarajan after she found out that her son Nhaveen had died.
  • Shanti, who is a single mother, has lost her only son

    • Why? Why? Why? Why must this happen to my son?

      "What did he do to deserve this? Who am I going to scold? Who am I going to talk to? With whom am I going to share my sadness and happiness?" she was heard wailing in grief.

  • Nhaveen, who had been declared brain-dead, died without regaining consciousness following his assault on Saturday

    • He along with his friend Previin was assaulted by a group of five boys.

      In the group, there were two of Nhaveen's former classmates, who taunted him.

      They called him names, including calling Nhaveen "effeminate".

      While Nhaveen pleaded with the two to stop taunting him, they instead called their other friends to the scene and began assaulting both Nhaveen and Previin.

      Previin escaped but Nhaveen was dragged to a field and was further assaulted. The group, aged 16 to 20, allegedly sexually assaulted him with a blunt object.

  • Meanwhile, the same suspects in Nhaveen's death are believed to have assaulted another teen last month:

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