The Ongoing Venezuela Protests: A Timeline Of Events And Crucial Updates

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Venezuelans have taken to the streets in recent days, leading to gruesome clashes between protesters and police. Their demands are varied, from economic to social. This story will guide you with all that's happening in Venezuela.

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3 More People Shot Dead In Fresh Protests In Venezuela With Death Toll Raised To 25

Below Is The Background Story Regarding What's Happening In Venezuela

Ten Days Ago, A Few Hundred Students Marched Into The Streets Of Caracas, Venezuela To Protest Against President Nicolas Maduro And The Chavista Government

Since Then, The Protest Have Grown By The Thousands And Turned Violent

At The Start Of The Protests, Student Leaders Met With Police Officers To Try To Set Rules For The March To Avoid Violence, But The Situation Quickly Devolved. Police Attempted To Disperse The Crowd With Water Cannons And Tear Gas.

Riot Police Have Been Out In Force, Firing Tear Gas And Buckshot At Protesters To Disperse The Crowds

Seen Here Are Protesters Throwing Objects Amid Tear Gas Launched By Riot Police In The Altamira Neighborhood Of Caracas

So Far, The Protests Have Claimed About Half A Dozen Lives (The Exact Number Of People Killed In The Protests Is Not Clear). Also, Several Arrests Were Made And Scores Were Injured.

One Of Those Killed During Protests Was Another Young Beauty Queen Named Genesis Carmona. She Was Shot In The Head. She Died Later In A Clinic.

Meanwhile, President Nicolas Maduro And His Supporters Have Accused his Opponents Of Being Behind Of Acts Of Violence And Vandalism And Causing The Very Problems It Protests

Venezuela Is Being Convulsed By The Biggest Protests Since The Country’s Longtime President, The Charismatic Hugo Chávez, Died Nearly A Year Ago. Here's Everything You Should Know About The Ongoing Crisis.

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