Have You Tried Playing Futsal in the Dark?

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Have you ever played futsal in the dark guided by neon lights? Following its success in 2012, Cabaran Dashing is back with its second season of Malaysia's very first neon futsal fun!

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Cabaran Dashing 2, Malaysia's first neon futsal tournament, is back to look for a new champion

  • Guys! Masa untuk tunjuk skil bola anda – di padang Facebook! Jom main game Dashing Kick of Confidence di FB dan anda berpeluang untuk menyertai team All-Stars Dashing yang terdiri dari pada Remy Ishak, Henry Golding & pemain-pemain bola pro di Grand Finale Cabaran Dashing 2. Pelbagai hadiah mingguan menarik lain juga menanti anda. Ayuh, klik sini untuk kickoff! --> http://on.fb.me/1ao0XWQ


  • Cabaran Dashing 2 – Malaysia’s first neon futsal tournament is back with a bang for its second season, seeking for Malaysia’s new neon futsal champion.


  • Dashing For Men kembali menganjurkan Cabaran Dashing Futsal Neon untuk musim yang ke-2. Kejohanan futsal seumpamanya ini sekali lagi bakal menyaksikan ratusan pasukan futsal amatur dari seluruh negara berentap untuk bergelar Jaguh Futsal Neon Dashing!


Yep, you heard it right. NEON futsal!

Dashing For Men ambassadors Henry Golding and Remy Ishak says neon futsal is exciting and worth-sharing with friends

  • Cabaran Dashing 2 kicked off with pulsating beats of electronic music composition and neon nuances for the media members to experience the neon futsal game.


  • Dashing For Men ambassadors Henry Golding and Remy Ishak played neon futsal last year, and yesterday they kicked off the second season of ‘Cabaran Dashing – Neon Futsal’.


  • “Simply put, Dashing is part and parcel of every man’s rugged soul. We want a niche and a slew of exciting challenges that are worth sharing with our friends. Thus, Dashing Challenge will be our battle point,” said Remy Ishak and fellow ambassador Henry Golding.


Selangor footballers, striker Afiq Azmi and defender Bunyamin Uma, says neon futsal is fun and challenging

  • Two footballers from the Selangor Darul Ehsan team also joined them at yesterday’s launch event, striker Afiq Azmi and defender Bunyamin Umar.


  • “As football players, experiencing the game in neon lights is an exciting experience, as well as a novel one for us. It could be both fun and challenging. And we want you, football fans out there, to experience it first hand,” the players added.


  • “To us, we see Cabaran Dashing 2 as an innovative platform that builds energy and thrilling experience, not to forget you also get healthy body and sense of togetherness with friends” said the players.


Do you play futsal? Participants stand a chance to win RM10,000 worth of Dashing prizes

Cabaran Dashing 2 participants will get to learn futsal tips and tricks from star footballers Afiq Azmi and Bunyamin in a special futsal clinic

Interested? Here's how to join

  • Untuk menyertai Cabaran Dashing 2, papatkan borang penyertaan anda secara online di cabarandashing.com.my serta pasaraya dan pusat futsal terpilih atau di program jelajah Krew Cabaran Dashing dilokasi pilihan. cabarandashing.com.my untuk maklumat lanjut mengenai Cabaran Dashing 2.


Cabaran Dashing 2 preliminary session will start in November

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