What's So Great About The New Brazuca Ball For World Cup 2014?

Adidas has unveiled their latest ball to be used for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Here's what you need to know!

  • Adidas revealed the official World Cup ball, the Brazuca just days before the World Cup group draw

    • Adidas have unveiled 'Brazuca' - the ball which will be used at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

  • The name 'Brazuca', a reference being Brazillian was decided by an online fan poll

    • According to FIFA "the informal term “brazuca” is used by Brazilians to describe national pride in the Brazilian way of life", and "mirroring their approach to football, it symbolises emotion, pride and goodwill to all".

      • Bd4b Image via goal.com
        Trophy shot | The Brazuca sits next to the World Cup trophy
    • Named by a fan poll in Brazil that drew almost a million votes, the Brazuca was branded for a colloquial phrase that supposedly references something intrinsically Brazilian in style. It's also a phrase sometimes shouted in approval of a skillful move.

  • It features just six panels, down from eight on the previous World Cup ball, the Jabulani

    • Brazuca is comprised of just six propeller-shaped, thermally bonded panels with a brand new texture on top of it.

      • C8e7 Image via goal.com
        Close up | An in-depth look at the new ball to be used in Brazil
    • The main difference is that the Brazuca is made up of six panels, rather than the Jabulani's eight, as well as undergoing fine tuning of the ball's material.

      • 0be2 Image via goal.com
        Spot on | The Brazuca is made up of just six panels
  • Thus improving the ball in many aspects

    • This allowed them to have six panels, with the hope that the ball flies truer.

      • E7d9 Image via dailymail.co.uk
        Putting the pieces together: The Brazuca ball is comprised of a groundbreaking six-panel design, which improves symmetry, uniformity and efficiency
    • The design allows for "better aerodynamics and more stable flight."

  • The Brazuca is the 'most tested' ball ever, ranging from numerous tests as well as disguising the ball to be used in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup

    • The Brazuca was involved in two-and-a-half years of testing and has been trialled by the likes of Lionel Messi, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Zinedine Zidane.

      • 1623 Image via dailymail.co.uk
        Lionel Messi will be hoping to lead Argentina to glory at next summer's showpiece in Brazil
    • Adidas did a lot of work to ensure this including field testing in training and in-game situations with 26 different teams like AC Milan, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Argentina, and Russia.

    • All of adidas's biggest ambassadors have tried and endorsed it – Lionel Messi, Steven Gerrard and Robin van Persie went to the company HQ in Herzogenaurach to do so – though adidas have made it clear that of the 280 player interviews they conducted, 30 per cent were with players contracted elsewhere.

    • Adidas also secretly tested the ball in the FIFA Under-20 World Cup (with a different design) and in an exhibition game between Sweden and Argentina in February.

      • C1b8 Image via goal.com
        Testing, testing | The Brazuca underwent a number of tests during production
  • Early reactions have been positive, which is good news for Adidas since the Jabulani, the ball for the 2010 World Cup came under heavy criticism

    • Adidas faced criticism from players and coaches during the 2010 World Cup for its Jabulani ball, which had fewer, shallower seams and was extremely light.

    • The 2010 “Jabulani” was described variously as “a beach ball” (Iker Casillas) and “dreadful” (David James), after its “grip and groove” surface on 3D panels appeared to perform erratically at altitude in pre-tournament friendlies.

    • There is some hope that this ball will not go the same way as the Jabulani, which was widely criticised, especially by goalkeepers, by the end of the last World Cup. Iker Casillas described it as "appalling" while Gianluigi Buffon said it was "very sad" that the World Cup was played "with such a horrible ball" that many said did not fly true through the air.

    • "It (Brazuca) plays well on the ground and in the air. I'm sure all the players will love it. It's increased my levels of excitement even further and I honestly cannot wait for the opening game!” - Dani Alves

      • 8c19 Image via dailymail.co.uk
        Bring on the Brazuca: England captain Steven Gerrard believes the new World Cup ball will be the best yet
    • Steven Gerrard has declared the new World Cup ball will be the best ever. 'It's very true and reliable, and those are the two most important things I want from a ball".

  • To follow the Brazilian proverb that all Brazilians are born with a ball to their feet, Adidas will be giving out copies of the ball to Brazilian newborns on the launch date

    • Adidas have set up 12 popup nurseries in the World Cup host cities and all babies born in Brazil on Dec. 3, the date of the ball's launch, are entitled to receive one of the tournament's symbols for free. All parents have to do is present the child's birth certificate.

    • In a further local twist, and a play on the adage that all Brazilian children are "born with a ball at their feet," the company are donating copies of the ball to every baby born on the day of the ball's release, December 3.

  • Check out their video of the Brazuca here!

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