How To Wear A Face Mask And Not Look Funny

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Face masks comes in all shape and sizes, but not all will help protect you from the haze! Here's how to choose the right face mask for you this haze-y season!

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Firstly, this is NOT the face mask we are talking about

Not this mask either

This full face mask might give you full protection from dusts, but it might also suffocate you

This bullet proof mask will only confuse people - are you trying to be cute, or scary?

This sir mask will keep you from swallowing any dirt, but you will still breath in a lung full of dust

This 'facekini' will protect you from UV rays, but has no haze protection properties

Advice from your biker friends will make more sense for now compared to your celebrity idol

Or you can opt for a more adorable look

For full on protection, this works too

Fingers-crossed the haze will not reach this level

Yes Nicki, this haze is no joke!

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