If You Hate Ads In Videos, This New Feature On Facebook Will Really Annoy You

Following the steps of YouTube.

  • Facebook will reportedly start testing new "mid-roll" video advertisements - ads that run in the middle of a video - in order to bring in additional ad revenue to content creators

  • Mid-rolls, as the name suggests, are adverts that automatically run in the middle of a video users are watching

    • According to BBC, the ads would probably first appear in Facebook videos by professional publishers.

      It's been suggested that ads wouldn't start to run until users had watched at least 20 seconds of a video.

  • However, the site plans on giving publishers 55 percent of the revenue generated by selling the mid-roll video space to advertisers

    • In other words, if the new video ad model is successful, it would finally give all publishers a consistent ad-based model for making money off of the videos they post on Facebook.

      YouTube is also offering the same profit margin to its content creators.

  • With Facebook yet to comment on the claims, it's unclear how the mid-roll videos will work with Facebook Live videos or when the ads will be introduced to the masses

  • In other related tech news, Nokia has finally released its long-awaited Android smartphone:

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