[FACT OR FAKE #10] Facebook 'Graphic App' Makes My Private Info Public

Chain mails have evolved from emails to Facebook posts. Here is one popular Facebook chain "post" that needs to be busted!

  • FACT OR FAKE: Facebook's new "Graphic App" or "Graph app" allows ALL my private information to be available to the public

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        FACT OR FAKE: Facebook has changed its privacy setting with its new "Graph App"
    • More and more Facebook users have been sharing a message warning of a change in Facebook’s privacy settings, and how a new “Graphic app” could let any member of the social network see your photos, likes and comments.

  • FAKE: Facebook's "Graph Search" does not overwrite your privacy settings

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        [FACT FAKE #10] Facebook 'Graph App' Makes My Private Info Public?!
    • This is simply some outright false information, some misleading assumptions and some lousy recommendations spun in a blender and poured out as an incorrect strategy which has virally spread across Facebook.

    • The truth is that there is no such thing as “Graphic App”, and the material you post on Facebook is viewable by others based upon the sharing settings you have chosen, just as it has always been.

    • Unfortunately, there are certain individuals out there that like to create mayhem and confusion, who have little else to do with their time, and who probably suffer megalomania-type symptoms.

    • If you receive one of these messages from a friend, kindly notify them that it is not legally valid.

  • THE TRUTH: Graph Search feature only allows your data to be seen by YOUR FRIENDS who are searching for something

    • The fact is, Facebook’s latest Graph Search does not make any of your personal data any more public than it always has been.

    • All the Graph Search feature does is allow your data that your friends could have seen anyway appear if your friends search for something.

    • Simply put, Facebook and its users are still bound to the same terms and conditions that are accepted by users when they sign up for the service, and posting a legal "talisman" of this kind on your profile does nothing to change that.

    • The bad news, though, is that it does provide a much easier way to dig up information that might otherwise have been overlooked or hard for others to dig out of your Facebook history.

  • What happens when you follow the Facebook post's instructions?

    • If you take the recommended steps, all you really do is remove your friend's updates, Likes and Comments from YOUR view. You are not protecting yourself, or them.

    • You simply won't see their updates when you use Facebook.

  • Here's how you can REALLY protect your privacy on Facebook (Click to view)

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