This Husband Exposed His Passed Out Wife's Naked Body LIVE Through His PS4

The couple, known together as Darckobra, had an online account banned for broadcasting non-gaming content, which lasted for nearly 15 minutes and showed the woman's breasts before eventually showcasing her entirely nude frame.

  • Gamers Who Abuse PS4 Playroom With Nudity And Drunkenness Have Spoiled It For The Rest

    • PS4 gamers have broken the golden rule of Twitch T.V. less than two weeks after the streaming service launched on Sony’s new console.
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        A husband used PS4 Playroom to live stream his passed out wife's naked body.
    • The Twitch T.V. service, which allows gamers to stream gaming content directly from their PS4 by pressing the ‘Share’ button, has been abused and used for non-gaming and explicit content via the PS4 Playroom.
    • Through the app, users have been taking advantage of the full-room camera to broadcast nudity and drunkenness, while some users were caught using the chat channel to abuse streamers.
    • From immediate effect, Twitch has banned Playroom content from being streamed and issued the following statement to Joystiq: “We removed Playroom content from the directory because a majority of it was non-gaming related”. Non-gaming content is against the terms that users sign up for on Twitch, though the spokesperson said that the service may be brought back at a later date."
  • A man used a live-streaming app on his PlayStation 4 console to expose his wife’s breasts before undressing her and exposing her naked body

    • A PlayStation 4 owner used the system's new live-streaming feature to share his drunk, presumably unconscious wife's breasts with an online gaming community for roughly 15 minutes, according to Game Revolution.
  • The man could be seen exposing his wife's breast as she laid, apparently asleep, on their couch

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        PlayStation 4 user Darckobra exposed his wife's breast during a broadcast from his game console using the new 'Playroom' feature
  • WATCH: Man strips passed out wife and broadcasts live on PlayStation 4

  • Moments later, she is seen completely naked after he apparently stripped off her clothes

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        After 15 minutes of boob show, the channel went dark. When it returned, she was completely naked. It appears that he had undressed her.
  • The couple, known online as Darckobra, recorded themselves with a pre-installed app for the game system known as Playroom

    • It allows PlayStation Camera owners to shoot full screen scenes of their entire living room.
    • Already, gamers have been using the service to put on live shows of all sorts - including playing with firearms. One couple raffled off their old PlayStation 3 console.
    • But user Darckobra broadcast a stream of him and his wife drinking heavily on their couch, Game Revolution reports.
      Eventually, the woman appears to pass out. He reaches over and pulls open her dress and exposes her breast.
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        The man broadcast video of him and his wife drinking heavily before he exposed her breast. It is unknown whether she was in on the stunt
    • Game Revolution speculates that the Darckobra incident could lead Sony to change the way its Playroom feature works.
  • Twitch eventually banned Darckobra, but not before he potentially changed the whole landscape of this streaming situation

    • Twitch TV, which controls the broadcast, quickly banned Darckobra and tweeted out a reminder about its terms of service, which allow using the program only for gaming-related activities.
    • The service then proceeded to tweet out a summary of its guidelines. "FYI: We continue to moderate according to our Terms of Service. Non-gaming content is not allowed," the company wrote. "Non-gaming content (c): If using PS4 Playroom, the content must be about games or gaming and within our ToS. Thanks for understanding."
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        The PlayStation 4, which was released last week, is the latest generation of Sony's game console. It retails for $400
    • The service was conceived as a way for gamers to share their video gaming experience and review their game-play. The PS4, and Microsoft’s Xbox One, are both designed to offer live streaming, but the PS4 is the only one currently set up to provide the service.
  • So, what does this mean for PlayStation live streams?

    • Sony definitely didn’t have things like this in mind when they decided to allow users to broadcast themselves while using their system.
      Unfortunately, it only takes one idiot like this guy to ruin a great feature for everyone, which could definitely happen.
    • Meanwhile, critics are baffled that Sony and Twitch didn’t realize that these types of incidents could happen given the high number of amateur webcam pornos on the Internet.

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