This App Lets You Schedule Your Uber Rides In Advance!

Why didn't the ride-sharing company think of this?

  • If you use Uber, you would know that the app is sorely missing out one crucial feature - the ability to book and request a ride in advance

    • There are plenty of times when you know you’re going to need a lift well in advance, but you can't.

  • A new app called TaxiLater aims to provide that missing feature. Using this third party app, you can select the kind of Uber you want, the location of the pickup, and the requested time of the pickup.

  • The app was created by Joshua Meier, a student at Harvard. Meier has been in contact with Uber over the course of building the app.

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        Joshua Meier
    • “I’m not trying to build a company or monetize here. I’m just a student who loves coding, saw a problem/opportunity, and thought I could build something that would help people," said Meier.

  • Here's how TaxiLater works:

  • First, log into the app with your Uber account

    • If you don't have an Uber account, you could sign up through the app too.

  • Much like Uber, you'll be greeted with a map of your current location. Next, select your drop off and pick up location.

  • Then select the time you want your Uber ride to arrive

    • According to Meier, the algorithms of the app continually adjust the optimal time for requesting the ride.

  • Finally, select your preferred type of Uber ride and you're done!

    • You'll be able to keep track your requests and update them should you wish to change the time and date.

  • The app is certainly very useful but it has one major drawback - it doesn't gurantee a driver will accept your request when it’s made

    • However, I personally tried out the app at 11.40am this morning to schedule a ride at 12.05pm. The Uber driver called me up at 11.55pm to confirm the pickup location.

  • TaxiLater is currently only available for download on iTunes. An Android version of the app is scheduled to be released soon.

    • Try out the app and let us know if you have any luck scheduling your Uber ride!

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  • Also, did you know Uber drivers can rate you as a passenger?

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