Here Are 10 Malaysian Podcasts That Can Keep You Occupied For Hours

From relationship advice to scary stories, our Malaysian talents have produced some of the most entertaining podcasts to date.

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With an array of topics relating to entertainment, finance, and advice, choose the podcast perfect for your preference

Typically hosted independently, podcasts are an assembly of audio recordings discussing anything the respective host chooses to talk about. 

Whether it's to kill time, master the understanding of a topic, or having a genuine interest to learn something new, podcasts cater to them all.

Here are 10 entertaining podcasts by our very own Malaysians!

1. Mamak Sessions

Described as a few average joes talking about life, Malaysian creator Jinny Boy weighs in on some interesting, yet fun topics that every Malaysian (and beyond) can relate to.

From overcoming serious health issues, discussing insecurities, and even deciding if you should buy or rent a house, Jinny Boy brings on guests from various fields and conquers each topic wittingly.

To listen to their latest episodes, visit YouTube or Spotify.

2. Seek to Speak

Released in July 2020, Seek to Speak boldly opens up topics of conversation taboo to Malaysian culture.

Issues of discussion include removing the stigma of mental health matters, empowering students, and reflecting on sexual education in schools. Seek to Speak has gifted us the ability to understand controversial topics without feeling uncomfortable through the process.

Find full episodes of their podcast on RedCircle and Spotify.

3. The Fashion Weak

According to their mothers, The Fashion Weak is the number one fashion podcast in the world to tune into with Arnold Loh and Lucas Lau (yes, they mean that sarcastically).

Inviting notable Malaysian influencers onto the show, including the likes of Dennis Yin, Vikar World, and Shikin Gomez, this podcast discusses everything from reality shows and sneakers, to wages, and flirting.

Catch this podcast on YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

4. The HUSTLR Podcast

The HUSTLR Podcast is pretty self explanatory; discover the secrets side-hustle entrepreneurs use to build a sustainable stream of income.

Hosted by the founder of VapeClubMy, self-made businessman Jeremy Ong discusses various types of side 'hustles', and methods to create passive income. With insight from those in e-commerce, blogging, real estate, and finance, this podcast will teach you a few things about managing your money.

While the channel has not been updated since December 2020, there are more than 60 episodes for you to watch to build your side-hustle plan.

Find this podcast on SpotifyApple Podcasts, and their very own website.

5. Head Over Heels

Taking a stand on woman empowerment, Maggy Wang ambitiously draws up a diverse range of topics discussed on the Head Over Heels podcast. Creating a safe space for honest and real conversations, this podcast does not shy away from topics relatable to every woman out there.

Breaking the stigma attached to single mothers, understanding mental health issues, and discussing women in sports, Head Over Heels is giving the power back to controversial issues with the aim to do three simple things: change, empower, and educate.

As one of the podcasts platformed on The Takeaway Table, listen to this podcast on YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

6. Table Talk Podcast

Another production under The Takeaway Table, brothers Ming Yue and Ming Han discuss an array of social ongoings pertinent to all Malaysians on Table Talk.

From current affairs, relationship advice, pop culture, and personal stories, these podcasters are passionate about creating a relatable, yet entertaining podcast that'll leave you coming back for more.

To watch brand new episodes of the Table Talk podcast, check out YouTubeSpotify, and Apple Podcasts.

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7. BFM : Popcorn Culture

Image via Listen Notes

Movie buffs can now gain new insight into the latest movies released in Malaysia, of any genre for a matter of fact!

Popcorn Culture is a podcast created by local radio channel, BFM, and is hosted by their very own radio presenters as well. Breaking down the hidden meanings and poignant metaphors of different movies and television series' alike, listen to these hosts cover recently released movies such as The Batman and Disney Pixar's Turning Red!

To listen to their latest episodes, check them out on Spotify or visit the Popcorn Culture website.


As the title suggests, AYY-MEN is hosted by three Malaysian men dissecting issues Southeast Asian men face on a daily basis.

In his second appearance on this list, Ming Yue is joined by influencers Raj Mahal and Joseph Lee in curating discussions all Malaysian men probably have off-camera.

This third podcast hosted under The Takeaway Table humanises serious topics, without taking away the important message that needs to be pushed through.

Catch new episodes of this podcast every other Monday on YouTubeApple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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For any horror fanatic out there, a good tale of mystery and terror is an interesting way to keep your day entertaining.

In the first Malay speaking podcast on this list, MALAM SERAM sees radio host KC Champion discuss Malaysian horror stories and his tales of unworldly encounters to his audience. With new episodes broadcasted every weekday at midnight, you'll get a chance to interact with KC during his live YouTube shows as well.

Check out the episodes of the podcast on YouTubeSpotify, and the MALAM SERAM webpage.

Image via Malam Seram

10. Two Book Nerds Talking

Image via Podtail

Bookworms unite! It can often be unfortunate to spend tens of dollars on books, or ship them in from other countries, just for it to be less impressive than anticipated.

Curing such a tragedy, Honey and Diana discuss their favourite reads and those hot on the reading list to make it easier for all avid readers out there to decide what their next purchase should be. Sharing their insights and bringing a guest on ever so often to share in their joy for reading, this podcast gives all fellow Malaysian book lovers good options to consider.

If you love books as much as they do, catch Two Book Nerds Talking on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Renegade Radio.

What are your favourite podcasts to listen to? Let us know!

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