This 11-Year-Old Malaysian Stole The Limelight At A Reality Show In China

Netizens are hailing her as the next Shila Amzah!

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11-year-old Adinda Tasya Mansor from Simpang, Perak was thrust into the limelight recently when a videoclip of her performance in a Chinese singing competition went viral

Image via China Press

The video features Adinda performing a Mandarin song titled, 'Next Stop in the Future' by Taiwanese singer Lin Yu-chun.

She was performing in the fourth season of kids reality television program 'Let’s Sing Kids' which aired on 2 July.

'Let’s Sing Kids' is a programme by Chinese broadcast station Hunan TV that gives children under the age of 14 the opportunity to showcase their singing abilities as well as to work with established idols and artists to improve their skills.

Just halfway into her performance, Adinda received a standing ovation from the audience while the judges were clearly impressed

Adinda's solid performance won the judges over, who were seen applauding and cheering for her in the video.

Malaysian singer-songwriter Gary Chaw who is based in Taiwan, Chinese singer-songwriter Su Yunying, and Chinese singer and actor Jacky Xue Zhiqian all wanted Adinda on their team.

Adinda finally chose Su as her mentor.

Adinda's performance has certainly captured the hearts of netizens too, especially netizens from Malaysia who are now calling her as "Little Shila", after the Malaysian singer Shila Amzah

In 2012, Shila became the first person to win the first Asian Wave pop talent show in Shanghai, China. She then became an overnight sensation after she appeared on Hunan TV's popular singing competition 'I Am a Singer' in 2014, gaining millions of fans all over China.

Fans of Adinda would be hoping that she could emulate Shila's success, especially after the young talent is slowly being recognised at international level.

This is not the first time Adinda has participated in a reality television show as she was one of the contestants in Astro's Ceria Popstar, a singing competition for kids

Adinda (middle) performing in one of the concerts for Ceria Popstar 3.

Image via Astro Ceria

Adinda was one of the 10 finalists on the third season of Ceria Popstar last year.

She finished fifth in the competition, winning RM5,000 and a trophy.

Watch Adinda rocking the stage in China here:

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