13 Sweetest Lessons We Learned From Robin Williams' Characters

We may not have met Robin Williams in person, but it feels as if we have lost a good friend. Robin Williams was there throughout our childhood, appearing in different voices and different costumes to teach us so many invaluable lessons that we still hold dear today.

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1. When Robin Williams was the voice of Genie in Aladdin in 1992, he taught us the value of true friendship. It was one of the most iconic childhood cartoons for a lot of us.

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2. Remember him as Professor Philip Brainard in Flubber? Remember how he taught us to never take shortcuts in life?

3. In the movie "Jack", Robin played a boy who ages four times faster than usual. His character taught us to embrace childlike joy in us

4. When Robin played the wise teacher John Keating in Dead Poets Society, he urged us to look at the world from different perspectives, to seize the day, to make our lives extraordinary

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5. In Jumanji, Robin taught us to be brave and adventurous, and to face our biggest fears like a man

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6. Who could forget the ditzy Mrs. Doubtfire? The hilarious scene of Robin dressed as a woman and dancing with the vacuum cleaner reminded us that it is okay to be a little bit goofy, it is okay to laugh at ourselves.

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7. As Will Hunting's therapist in Good Will Hunting, he taught us to find the good even in the worst of times

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8. When he put on the red clown nose as Dr. Hunter "Patch" Adams, Robin gave us a very important lesson in spreading joy and laughter with the people around us

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9. In Hook, Robin Williams taught us that life is an adventure and we should not be afraid of death

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10. Through his many characters, Robin Williams has taught us to be unique and to be our own person

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11. He advised us to take a stand and to have an opinion, or else someone else will speak for you

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12. Words and ideas can change the world, Robin encouraged people not to be discouraged by others

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13. Most importantly, he challenged us to live our lives to the fullest and to cherish every single second we have left

Robin Williams, thank you for inspiring so many of us. May you rest in peace.

Robin Williams left behind his wife and family after being found dead in his home. Read about it HERE:

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