20 Things Malaysian Girls Think Of When Fantasising About A Korean Guy

We ARE allowed to have moments of wishful thinking, right? *winks*

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2. "Wah, his skin so smooth like tau fu fah..."

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3. "... and his nose is soooo sharp, come slice my block of butter."

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4. "My baby is man enough to wear makeup... please, teach me how to do it."

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5. "OHAI, KAWAN-KAWAN!" when looping this mental scene of holding my Korean BF's hand...

6. "Just him and his guitar... serenading me with his husky voice." (sighs)

7. "No one else will ever look as good as a preppy schoolboy..."

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8. "... or a sweaty, sporty jock."

9. "That suit brings out the shape of his neck... and his wonderful, shapely jawline."

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10. "I wanna fall asleep in the car so he will carry me home." (giggles)

11. "He's so sweet he surprises me with flowers and gifts... even when it's not my birthday or our anniversary!"

12. "Hmm... can he cook? I think making me instant Korean noodles with hardboiled egg also can kira lah."

13. "He won't mind if I ruin his favourite shirt with my tears right?"

14. "Hugs from behind are the best-est... because his warm and fuzzy body is plastered all over me." ;)

15. "He'll send me cute video messages when he's in Korea and I'm stuck here. Awww...!"

16. "My parents will LOVEEE HIM as a son-in-law."

17. "Every little thing he does gets me hot and bothered." (fans self)

18. "Yup, I'll take a cold shower now."

19. "Eh, I can introduce his hot friends to MY friends...

20. ... and then OMG we can all get married and be happily ever after YES."

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Now might be a good time to book a flight to South Korea, if ya know what we mean. ;)

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