5 Times Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Proved He's Actually A God Amongst Men

The man, the myth, the LEGEND.

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Are you excited for Skyscraper?

Well, you should be. It’s set in a burning building. It’s got terrorists. There are hostages. Most importantly, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is in it.

This action spectacle will see everyone’s favourite wrestling star-turned-global icon, among other things, pull himself up 100 stories or so on a construction crane, leap in between giant spinning rotary blades, and make possibly the biggest human jump in cinematic history to rescue his family trapped in a towering inferno.

You know, just regular day-to-day stuff. Oh, and did we mention that he's got a prosthetic leg?

In honour of the man, the myth, the legend, we’ve picked out five famous scenes from his muscular body of work that pretty much confirms what we all have secretly suspected for many years now - he’s a superhuman in disguise:

1. Breaking free of his chains in Hercules

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Technically, Hercules is a demi-god in classical mythology, but in this 2014 movie, Johnson plays a mortal leading a band of mercenaries. 

Yet, he proves in this scene that superpowers are not necessary especially when you have arms built like cannons.

2. Sniping rebels with a shotgun in The Rundown

Image via Popcorn Asia

Although it was Johnson’s first big role in 2002’s The Scorpion King that established him as an actor, The Rundown was the movie that established as a bona-fide leading man. In this scene, he demonstrates that in his hands, a shotgun can be a sniper.

3. Moving a 2,700kg torpedo while dangling off the side of a car in Fast & Furious 8

Image via Popcorn Asia

There are many things that Johnson does in the Fast & Furious franchise that make guys question their masculinity, like ripping off a concrete bench to do a bicep curl, but it’s this scene that shows him moving your average 2,700-kg torpedo while dangling off the side of a car that really takes the cake.

4. Miraculously escaping a tsunami on a boat in San Andreas

Image via giphy.com

In a movie where a massive earthquake has the potential to crack San Francisco into two pieces, the only thing more astonishing is this scene where Johnson has to find a solution to his approaching tsunami problem. 

Solution: Imbue his speedboat with anti-gravity and extraordinary speed.

5. Jumping off a building to catch bad guys in The Other Guys

Image via Popcorn Asia

So far, we’ve selected scenes that highlight Johnson’s remarkable physical attributes, but everyone knows that willpower is equally, if not, more crucial. Like in this scene, when he decides to jump off a building to try and catch the bad guys even though he has no chance of surviving. It takes some serious mental strength to stare death right in the face like that.

And there you have it! Will Skyscraper present much more of a challenge to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson? Something tells us that he’s going to be just fine.

Skyscraper is currently playing in cinemas nationwide. Watch the trailer HERE:

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In other news, Dwayne Johnson's BBF-slash-frenemy is heading to Malaysia for the first time ever at the end of the year:

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