7 Moments From 'The Rise of Skywalker' That Hit Us Right In The Feels

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WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' brought an end to the trilogy of trilogies which collectively spans over 40 years. A mixture of emotions for Star Wars fans everywhere. These scenes especially really got to us:

1. Lando Calrissian's return

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This instalment marks Billy Dee Williams' first time reprising his iconic role as Lando Calrissian since 'The Return of The Jedi'. But just when you think that nothing could be better than the original actor returning as a beloved character, Lando gets to pilot his pride and joy, the "fastest hunk of junk", the Millennium Falcon once again. 

2. Ben's memory of Han Solo

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Standing alone and dazed right after Rey decides to save his life, Ben hears a familiar voice - his father's! The exchange between father and son in this scene plays out like a mirror of the scene they shared last, which ended in Han's death at the hands of his own son.

This time, the scene was created by Ben himself through memories of his father. In this pseudo-reality setting, Han assures Ben that he can put a stop to the evil he helped conjure.

Then, Ben delivers the most powerful line in the entire movie - the one that goes unspoken. "Dad..", Ben says, unable to complete the next three words, which through his expressions, we know comes from that child deep within asking for forgiveness from his father for what he had done. 

3. The voices of previous Jedis speaking to Rey

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When you're fighting for something, nothing speaks volumes better than the encouragement and support of someone.

In this case, when Rey summoned for strength and support from the Force in her final confrontation with Emperor Palpatine, and the previous Jedis from Yoda to Qui-Gon to Luke Skywalker responded with words of encouragement, fortifying her.

That she is the chosen Jedi to battle against the dark side with all the previous Jedis' support with her - one with a dark lineage, and yet, had proven to be of a pure heart - was just incredible. 

4. "And I, am all the Jedi" - Rey

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Was the 'force' in this line strong or what? Everything we've felt about and known of all the Jedis, their strength, what they stood and fought for, was just released in this one full forced blast towards the newly-regained powerful Emperor Palpatine. A blast which left him in smithereens. Gave us goosebumps!

5. Ben Solo healing Rey

Earlier in the movie, we see Ben/Kylo Ren being healed by Rey just after she impales him with the lightsaber. Towards the end, in an act that could be seen as just him returning the favour, he resurrects Rey by healing her. (This is similar to what happens to Ben's mother Leia earlier in the movie, who uses the last of her energy to reach out to her son one last time.)

Although this selfless act does drain his life force away in the process, we would like to think he knew that she better deserved a second chance in life - one who could continue on the ways of the Jedi, having already wielded the support of thousands of generations of Jedis before her. Not to mention that by healing him first, she not only saved his life but saved his soul and he turned good.

Bye, Kylo Ren. Hello, Ben!

6. Chewie gets the Medal of Bravery

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For years, Star Wars fans have wondered why Chewbacca wasn't awarded a medal at the end of 'A New Hopealongside Luke Skywalker and Han Solo after they blew up the Death Star.

George Lucas then answered the controversy in an interview after the release of 'A New Hope' saying that Wookiee people "do not care for medals as they don't really put much credence to them" and added that Chewie was "given a prize and honour during a ceremony with his own people", although fans do not get to see it in the movies. 

That Chewbacca was finally recognised for his services in 'The Rise of Skywalker' left us feeling glad. A truly deserving award for our favourite big hairy Wookiee.

7. Leia and Luke appearing together as Force Ghosts

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Just right after Rey was questioned (once again) on her last name, both Luke and Leia appeared as Force Ghosts and gave Rey the nod of approval to use the Skywalker surname as her own.

A Force Ghost is the spirit and essence of a Jedi with the ability to retain their independent consciousness after death. Only a believer in the Light Side and one with a relationship with the Force that's wielded from a selfless and peaceful place is allowed to transition.

No surprise Luke and Leia ended up joining the likes of Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Yoda in this form.

Watch the ninth episode of the nine-part Skywalker saga in cinemas now!

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