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We have yet another superhero movie to look forward to! Batman and Superman will be joining forces on silver screens in 2015!

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OFFICIAL: The New Superman-Batman Movie Is "Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice"

Batman gets top billing in the sequel to Man of Steel officially called Batman vs. Superman is Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Warner Bros. unveiled the title, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice just now as it confirmed principal photography is underway on the Zack Snyder-helmed pic starring Henry Cavill as Superman and Ben Affleck as Batman that is due out May 6, 2016.


So far plot details are unknown. Filming will take place in Detroit as well as the South Pacific and Africa. The film is slated to be released on May 6, 2016.


"Dawn of Justice" conveniently sets up the Justice League movie that Synder and Warner Bros. are developing for 2017-2018.


"Fast & Furious" Star Gal Gadot Will Play Diana Prince Or Wonder Woman While Amy Adams Will Reprise Her Role As Lois Lane

Amy Adams played Lois Lane in 'Man Of Steel' and will too in 'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice'.

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Gal Gadot at the "Fast & Furious 6" premiere in Los Angeles on 21 May 2013.

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Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot, the former Miss Israel who spent two years as a tough sports trainer in the Israel Defence Forces, has been cast as Wonder Woman in "Batman Vs. Superman."


“Not only is Gal an amazing actress, but she also has that magical quality that makes her perfect for the role,” Batman vs. Superman director Zack Snyder said in a statement today.


Several projects have been proposed in the last decade, for film and television, featuring Wonder Woman, but one of the hurdles to casting the role has been the enduring popularity of the 1970s TV Wonder Woman, actress Lynda Carter.


In August 2013, An Angry Batman Fan Launched An Anti-Affleck Online Petition Asking Warner Bros. To Drop The Actor As Batman

Ben Affleck starred in the 2003 superhero film "Daredevil," but the recent announcement that he would be playing Batman in an upcoming Superman sequel has caused a protest.


After Warner Bros. announced that Affleck would play the caped crusader on Thursday, two petitions quickly went up.

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According to CBS Detroit, one petition is on Change.org and the second petition was on the “We the People” section of the White House website, which called for Obama to “denounce the selection of Ben Affleck.”


The White House petition was removed and replaced with a generic message that it violated the "terms of participation," but not an explanation how. The Change.org petition has more than 14,000 signatures and is growing.


71 percent of tweets sent in the first hour of the announcement negatively reacted to the casting news, according to an analysis.


Greg Silverman, President Of Creative Development & Worldwide Production For Warner Bros., Expressed That Ben Affleck Fit The Bill As One Of DC Comics' Most Enduringly Popular Superheroes

Ben Affleck will play the new Batman in "Man of Steel" sequel.

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Ben Affleck has been cast as Batman in Warner Bros. upcoming sequel to "Man of Steel." The film, from director Zack Snyder, will arrive in theaters on July 17, 2015.


“We knew we needed an extraordinary actor to take on one of DC Comics' most enduringly popular Super Heroes...Ben Affleck certainly fits that bill," Greg Silverman, president of creative development & worldwide production for Warner Bros.


6 Other Actors - Ryan Gosling, Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Matthew Goode, Richard Armitage, Max Martini - Were Initially Rumoured To Play Batman

Ryan Gosling reportedly being sought to play Batman.

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Max Martini reportedly being sought to play Batman.

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Richard Armitage reportedly being sought to play Batman.

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Matthew Goode reportedly being sought to play Batman.

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Joe Manganiello reportedly being sought to play Batman.

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Josh Brolin reportedly sought to play Batman.

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THR's sources believe that "Gangster Squad" co-stars Ryan Gosling, 32, and Josh Brolin, 46, are among a list of "top names surfacing at this stage" who are reportedly being sought to play Batman.


Other stars that are said to be contenders are "True Blood" star Joe Manganiello, Matthew Goode, Richard Armitage and Max Martini.


It Was Announced In July 2013 That Superman And Batman Would Be Teaming Up On Film For The Very First Time

Superman and Batman.

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In 2015, Superman and Batman will appear together for the very first time on the big screen.


"Man Of Steel" director Zack Synder stated that production is expected to begin next year, with the film scheduled for release in the summer of 2015. It will be a sequel to "Man Of Steel," with British actor Henry Cavill playing Superman.


"I'm so excited to begin working again with Henry Cavill in the world we created...let's face it, it's beyond mythological to have Superman and our new Batman facing off, since they're the greatest Superheroes in the world."


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