Beyoncé Gives Singapore A Shoutout After Fan Brings Concert Sign To Her Show In Cardiff

PSA for Malaysians overseas to get Beyoncé to give Malaysia a shoutout too.

Cover image via Thaya Than Tun (Provided to SAYS)

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After announcing her Renaissance World Tour (2023) this past February, many fans across Asia were upset to find out that Beyoncé's concert did not include any location in our continent.

But what is stopping some of us from going to her instead?

One Beyoncé mega-fan recently did just that.

After she flew all the way from Singapore to Cardiff in the UK to attend Queen Bey's Renaissance World Tour concert on 17 May, the fan in question, Thaya Than Tun, shared what her experience was like.

Posting a 41-second clip to her TikTok account, Thaya revealed that she made a personal sign to hold during the concert

"I was looking for motivation, so I've flown in from Singapore for you, Queen Bey!" read Thaya's poster.

In what can only be described as a miraculous moment, Beyoncé herself acknowledged Thaya's sign during the concert. At one point when Beyoncé was being lifted through the crowd using aerial straps, she noticed Thaya and her sign, proceeding to give her a special shoutout in the moment.

"God bless you, shoutout to Singapore!" said Beyoncé on her mic, before waving to Thaya in the crowd.

(Left) Beyoncé during her concert in Cardiff and (right) the poster Thaya made prior to the live performance.

Image via @thayatt (TikTok)

Shocked and in pure disbelief over the moment, many Singaporeans commented under Thaya's video praising her for making the sign

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Surprisingly, one of the best responses came from the official TikTok page of Sony Music Singapore.

Image via TikTok

During a brief conversation with SAYS, Thaya mentioned how the moment was surreal to her as she experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when it happened

"At first, I just screamed with joy as I heard 'Singapore'. It just felt beyond surreal that I had to watch the video over and over again to verify she actually said 'Shout out to Singapore'," said Thaya while speaking to this SAYS writer.

Additionally, Thaya also thanked her sister's sister-in-law for taking the video of Queen Bey responding to her sign.

In her closing thoughts, Thaya stated that her sign undoubtedly put the BeyHive in Singapore on the map for Beyoncé, saying that she hopes Beyoncé will come to Singapore and perform live soon.

Check out a moment from the concert that Thaya shared with SAYS, where Beyoncé was singing one of her biggest singles to date, Love On Top (2011):

This article is an official PSA to all Malaysians who may be going overseas for Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour (2023); get her to give a shoutout to Malaysia, too!

Watch the full TikTok below:

@thayatt From Singapore to UK. When Queen @Beyoncé reaponds to your sign during her Renaissance Concert in Cardiff, UK! @renaissance tour @RENAISSANCE WORLD TOUR #beyonce #renaissance #beyonceconcert2023 #beyhive #queenbey #bey #beyonceconcert #renaissancetour #music #concert #singapore #uk #fyp #rwt original sound - ThayaTT

This is how Malaysians truly felt once they discovered that Queen Bey wasn't coming here for her world tour:

Beyoncé may not be coming to Malaysia, but these other artistes are:

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