12 Times Chris Pratt Made You Love Him Onscreen... But You Kinda Forgot

Be right back, we're gonna be watching these to spot the Chris Pratt of old!

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You recognise Chris Pratt as Star-Lord a.k.a. Peter Quill from 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Yep, he's the one with the abs. ;)

If you're fan of the hit comedy TV show 'Parks and Recreation', then you'd know of him as the dim-witted but well-meaning and lovable Andy Dwyer

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Yes, this is the same Chris Pratt as the one with the abs. #truestory

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Action star, funny man, and certified A-lister aside, you probably did not realise that Chris Pratt was in these movies and TV shows too:

1. TV show Everwood, as goofy jock Bright Abbott who struggled with guilt following a drunk-driving accident that left his best friend in a coma

2. The O.C., as hippie activist Winchester "Ché" Cook

He also sang a song about polar bears - naked - to Seth Cohen (played by Adam Brody).

3. Wanted (starring Angelina Jolie), where Professor X (James McAvoy) whacked him across the face with a keyboard

4. Bride Wars, as Anne Hathaway's fiance and eventual husband

5. Jennifer's Body, where he had a fling with Megan Fox

6. Take Me Home Tonight, where he met his wife Anna Faris. The two bonded over their respective dead bug collections... and eventually fell in love.

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7. Showing off his dramatic side in Moneyball as real-life catcher-turned-first baseman Scott Hatteberg

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8. What's Your Number, as Anna Faris' character's overweight ex-boyfriend Disgusting Donald...

... Who ended up being hot, successful, and engaged to a rocket scientist.

9. Chris Pratt loves food, and so does his sous-chef character in The Five Year Engagement

10. In yet another dramatic role, he plays a Navy SEAL involved in the search and disposition of Osama bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty

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11. Her, as a Joaquin Phoenix lookalike... right down to the tucked shirt with his pants pulled up high

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12. He voiced the naive yet courageous and unexpected hero of The LEGO Movie, Emmet

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So, what's next for Chris Pratt? Catch him as the raptor whisperer and all around bad-a** in 'Jurassic World', out in theatres 11 June 2015.

Watch him command a pack of raptors here:

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