Deadmau5 Plugs USB Cable Into Random Objects After Claiming Krewella Faked Their Live Show

Reigniting his feud with electronic duo Krewella, EDM producer Deadmau5 blasted the pair for seemingly faking their live performance and even posted some really weird photos on his Twitter to illustrate his point.

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Progressive-house music producer Deadmau5 may not be performing at the Ultra Music Festival, but he managed to get himself in the thick of things anyway

While watching electronic dance duo Krewella's set on the Ultra live feed, the DJ took to Twitter to call them out for allegedly faking their live performance, as the digital turntables and mixer seem to be completely unplugged

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Krewella - made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf - later responded to Deadmau5's claim, saying that he should "zoom in & see the USBs plugged in2 the CDJs/mixer" before making the assumption

However, Deadmau5 does not seem to be very impressed with their defence

He continued to fire some pretty vicious shots at the duo's defence with various acronyms of USB along with some amusing photos of a DJ controller plugged into various household items...

... Which got increasingly ridiculous with each post. This guy's not going down without a fight.

This isn't the first time Deadmau5 and Krewella are at loggerheads with each other. Last year, he publicly criticised the duo in response to former member Kris Trindl's controversial departure from Krewella.

His tweets partly inspired Jahan Yousaf's Billboard op-ed on public shaming on the Internet, where Jahan pointed out that the amount of sexist remarks and bullying they've encountered online in the past year have led to them being labelled as the "most hated group in the electronic dance music scene"

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"I don't see enough people challenging the intolerance that deadmau5 preaches to his 3 million followers, researching beyond the headlines they read, or protesting against the derogatory dialogue that circulates on social networks," she wrote.

On how online public shaming and social rejection discourages passion and tolerance, "I am asking for everyone to think about girls who are looking at this public reaction who might now be discouraged to pursue an authentic place in a male-dominated industry. I am asking you to think about boys who internalize messages that vulnerability, sensitivity and standing up for gender equality means they are a p----."

Read the full article here.


Jahan's article exposed the harsh truth that female DJs are subject to extreme scrutiny in a male-dominated genre.

Ironically, the Yousaf sisters spoke to MTV about why public shaming towards women has to stop just hours before Deadmau5's comments on their Ultra set.

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“Our generation is really caught up on public shaming and it is so acceptable, especially toward women it’s acceptable,” Krewella said. “The things you can say to a woman are so acceptable, but if you say them to a man, people will say you’re wrong.


Anyway, back to the "are they or are they not faking it" argument, YouTube user Christian Jackson uploaded a video to show that it is entirely possible for Krewella to be mixing live without any cables by replicating the exact set-up they had onstage in his home studio

“To the untrained eye, it could look like none of the audio cables are plugged in and there’s no way for the signal flow to be going from their computer to the speakers,” Jackson concedes. But while Deadmau5 is correct that there are no audio cables plugged in anywhere, the YouTuber points out that instead, digital signal is being passed through: “there’s no audio, it’s all data”.

“All you need to make this set-up work is a computer running Traktor, a USB cable for each of the CDJs and a USB cable for the mixer,” he explains. “Basically how it works is the CDJs are acting pretty much as expensive controllers for the expensive Traktor Scratch software.”

As Jackson sees it, Krewella’s set-up actually makes a lot of sense. “What’s really nice about [it] is that you have full access to your laptop’s library and you don’t have the limitations that are put on you with a flash drive, and you have full access to the effects section of the mixer. It’s really actually a convenient way of cutting down on the cabling mess that is sometimes present in other backline set-ups.”


In short, Jackson thinks that Krewella's minimalist set-up is probably the "most streamlined way to get from your computer to the CDJs and out into the speakers without the whole hassle of a whole lot of cables". Watch the full explanation HERE:

Looks like Deadmau5 could be wrong after all. Watch Krewella's Ultra Music Festival performance and judge for yourself HERE:

Ultra Music Festival 2015's worldwide expansion will be bringing one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world to Singapore and Bali. All we know so far:

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