Watch Deadpool Blow 3 Men's Heads Off With A Single Bullet In First Official Trailer

"With great power, comes great irresponsibility."

Cover image via 20th Century Fox

Who's Deadpool, you ask? Well, to save us some time, let's just say that Deadpool is THE best out of every Marvel character ever created - he's got mad un-alive-ing skills, more than a little insane, and just bloody hilarious.

Image via Dorkly

He's got healing factor like Wolverine but he's not a grumpy dick. He's snarky like Iron Man but he's not a rich brat. And he rocks the red suit like Spider-Man, but he's not being annoying and trying to do good all the time.


Like everyone else (Ryan Reynolds included), we've waited for what seemed like a hundred years for the Deadpool film to be made...

... And now, not only has production wrapped, we are finally blessed with a legit, non-Comic Con-bootleg trailer!

Get it? Traileeeeerrr?

Image via superherofeed's Tumblr

Don't let Deadpool a.k.a. Wade Wilson's quirky sense of humour fool you...

... The merc with a mouth has got some pretty mad skills when it comes to eliminating threats!

The studio's not kidding when they said "Red Band", so we blurred the GIF below to protect innocent eyes from bloody violence. Go ahead and click on it for epic gun action:

Click to Reveal
Image from 20th Century Fox
Image via 20th Century Fox

Though he gets a little weird about smoking guns...

Last one to watch this is a rotten egg!

Note: Could be NSFW. ;)

PS: We laughed way too hard at this

For those of you who don't get the joke, that's a reference to DC Comics' Green Lantern (also played by Ryan Reynolds in 2011).

Deadpool will attempt to seduce you by the fireplace in February 2016...

... if the Malaysian Censorship Board lets him, of course.

What a time to be alive! Our schedules for 2016 are completely packed with superhero movies:

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