8 Emerging Malaysian Artistes You Need To Know Right Now

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It's a sad but true reality that our local artists, talented though they may be, find it extremely difficult to gain the recognition they deserve due to a lack of public support :(

But all that is about to change thanks to Guinness Malaysia's latest initiative, AMPLIFY FM: a radio station that aims to put local music back on our airwaves by playing that and only that 24/7! FREE tickets to the AMPLIFY Academy and Live Gig events are also up for grabs.

Check out the cool music truck event they held to celebrate their launch with the help of one of our top local bands, 'An Honest Mistake' below:

If that doesn't get you all hyped up about listening to some awesome local artists who are all just waiting to show you what they can do, then we don't know what will!

Here are some emerging ones that you should definitely keep an eye (or ear) out for:


Image via TMJB (Facebook)

What do you get when you mix the musical stylings of John Mayer, Eric Clapton and Hendrix with the gritty rock sounds of Guns n Roses, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple? The unique sound that only TMJB can claim as their own.

In the few years that they've been around, this six-piece rock fusion band has quickly gained a reputation for their high-energy live sets that will leave you screaming for more.


They released their first single 'Sleep' last year and have an EP in the works. In the meantime though, they're keeping busy by playing wherever they can be it for small crowds at gig venues like Merdekarya and No Black Tie, for superstars like Dato Siti Nurhaliza, and even at sponsor events for some big brands like Redbull and AirBnB.


Talitha may be incredibly young, having barely left teenhood behind, but the heartfelt emotions behind her lyrics and the complexity of her compositions speaks to an emotional maturity far beyond her years.

She first started her musical journey by posting covers on YouTube way back in 2010 but soon found the confidence to experiment with creating her own original stuff.

And it has definitely has paid off for her as the singer-songwriter has not only caught the attention of the public (her fanbase grows by the day), but also of other top artists like Ali Aiman and Darren Ashley whom she has since collaborated with. She has also managed to nab herself a nomination in the Best Female Artist category at the 2015 Met 10 Awards.

They say that you have to start from the bottom to rise to great heights but GTXperiment may just be the exception to that rule. The quartet of 20 something guys were first thrust into the limelight when they came together as a band for the first time as the finalists and subsequent champions of the inaugural MTV AloftStar competition. How's that for an origin story?

Known for their multiple-lead-singer switchup system, the band plays a little bit of everything. They describe their sound as a "mix of sweaty grooves, easy soul, R&B, pop, good ol' rock and roll, and all that jazz".


Having recently(ish) played a spectacular live performance alongside international stars at the 2015 F1 after-race concert, the boys are gearing up for the release of their first album later this year. "From its stand out beats, to its angular flourishes of hip-hop, indie, pop and alternative, their newest material is a body of work that represents where its members currently are, creatively."


4. +2dB

Image via 2dB (Faccebook)

Despite both hailing from and growing up in Penang, Jeannie and Jo Ann never met until one fateful day in 2011 here in KL. They hit it off right away, both personally and musically. Believe it or not, their debut track, 'Syren', started out as nothing more than the two girls having fun tinkering around on GarageBand but ended up being released after only 2 days of collaborative efforts.

The pairing of their haunting vocals and emotional lyrics with self-produced thick subs and sick beats has helped to carve out a niche for +2dB, dubbed as 'dark electronica'.

They have found international recognition as evidenced by the fact that they have opened for numerous top international artists (like CHVRCHES and TOKiMONSTA) and that they were able to go on their first international tour in South Korea last year.


5. No Tyra

If you've been on the prowl for a band that will deliver that good old rock and roll sound then look no further than No Tyra 'cause that's exactly what you'll get. The group uses two of their distinct qualities to their advantage:

1. The diverse and eclectic music taste of each of its members (though they all agree that The Beatles are the best there ever was).

2. The fact that every single one of them are not only skilled with their selected instruments but also in singing and composing.

The result is a sound that truly keeps the spirit of rock and roll alive, not unlike that of one of their biggest influences Oasis, but with a uniqueness that is all their own. But what is really commendable about No Tyra is that their musical dreams go further than just longing for their own success as a band. Through their music, they aim to inspire others to play music, write their own songs, and join them on the journey of growing Malaysia's music industry.

Macropsia is living proof that magic is created when sound engineer meets composer. Producer Lee Williams and vocalist Froya pride themselves on "making music that sparkles out of your speakers" with their trademark sound of undulating grooves and soaring melodies.

They draw inspiration from musical influences all over the world such as the likes of Four Tet (an English post-rock and electronic musician) and Infected Mushroom (an Israeli musician duo that dabbles in psytrance, electronica, and psychedelic music).


Having released their first EP last year and with a new album on the way soon, Macropsia is well on their way to becoming a leading influence in the world of electronic music as a whole, not just in Malaysia. Their future is limitless and we can't wait to see just how far they'll go.


The Endleaves touts themselves as a "no-nonsense indie rock band who have been actively recording and touring since our name day on April 20th, 2013". And they've certainly got a lot to show for it with 2 LPs, 5 CDs and an EP to their name and having toured extensively around Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, America, Japan, Thailand and Indonesia. Talk about overachievers!


But the band has also faced their share of trials and tribulations, chief of which is the shuffle in the member lineup. The quartet today does not consist of the same four people who first began the journey as The Endleaves together. But you can rest assured that the new members have not taken anything away from the band, instead helping to take it even further with their own unique contributions.

8. Bihzhu

Image via AMPLIFY

It's not everyday that you stumble across such a gem of an artist like Bihzhu. With her rich, soulful voice, it's no wonder that this Penangite is quickly breaking free from being Malaysia's best-kept secret and becoming a household name the entire nation can be proud to call ours.

From intimate local acoustic concerts to spectacular stages at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival and the Cheonggyecheon World Music Festival in South Korea, any performance of hers leaves the audience in awe and rapture.


You may have actually heard some of Bihzhu's work without realising it as it was her who pened the lyrics of 'We Will Believe Again', the theme song of 'Ola Bola'. If you liked what you head, you should definitely check out her debut album 'Nightingale Tales'.

It combines elements of jazz, soul, reggae, and pop to celebrate love, beauty, and life’s most treasured moments. She is currently working on her second album and plans to release it in 2017.


Are there any emerging local artists you love that we didn't mention? Let us know in the comments below. :)

Listen to all of these artists and even more amazing homegrown music talents at AMPLIFY FM, Malaysia's first online local music radio station

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AMPLIFY celebrates 'Music Made of More' by championing musicians with the confidence to carve their own path in an effort to further expand and grow the local music scene.

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