6 Facts About Yun Sung-Bin — The 'Physical: 100' Contestant We're Simping For

So shy, so cute.

Cover image via Netflix/TheCinemaholic & @top.physical (Instagram)

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[SPOILER ALERT]: Some episodes of the show are discussed briefly, so read at your own risk!

Yun Sung-bin has left us all swooning since his appearance on the latest South Korean reality series, Physical: 100, currently trending on Netflix

As part of the 100 contestants who have joined the competition, Yun Sung-bin is among the many who have stolen hearts each week since the episodes began to air.

With his charming good looks and sheepish smile, the 28-year-old has certainly caught viewers' attention:

Here are some facts to know about this gorgeous hunk of a man:

1. He was a former Olympic skeleton racer and took home the gold medal at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang

Image via Koreaboo
Image via Koreaboo

According to Forbes, his gold medal made him the first South Korean and non-European or North American athlete to win in the sport.

2. 'Iron Man', 'Skeleton Emperor', and 'Monster' are just some of his many nicknames

Entering as the 100th contestant during the introduction episode, Yun was called a 'monster' and a 'tiger' by some of the contestants for his muscular stature and insane physical strength.

"It looked like a beast was walking in. It felt as if I came across a tiger in the mountains," one of them said during the episode.

"During my interview, I said he scared me the most," another commented.

In the following episodes, some of them continued to refer to him by his nickname.

3. His racing helmet was inspired by Marvel superhero, Iron Man

4. He's a proud dog dad of a furbaby named Genie :3

... And we don't know who is cuter!

His Instagram is filled with photos of him playing with Genie, golfing, and just looking totally adorable.

5. People went nuts over his thighs in 2018

According to Koreaboo, the athlete shared that he had to grow his leg muscles for a faster starting speed. On top of that, he had to eat eight meals a day to gain up to 16kg.

Here are some references you never asked for:

Image via Tumgik

6. After his Olympic win, he grew in popularity, even appearing on an episode of the popular South Korean variety show, Running Man

Regardless of whether you win or lose on Physical: 100, you've already won us over, Yun Sung-bin <3 aigoooo

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