[VIDEOS] H.E.R. Will Be Playing On The 'Back Of Your Mind' With The Drop Of Debut Album

Plus, 'Let Me Down Slowly' hitmaker Alec Benjamin spills all the secrets to his relatable, deep lyrics in this week's #FlyInterviews with Dan!

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#NewMusicFlyday is our list of the hottest song releases, music videos, and exclusive interviews of the week

It's an emotional week, this one.

While we have Malaysian rapper Lil Asian Thiccie keeping us upbeat with her new track about having moved on, we've got the beautiful combo of Indonesian singer Hanin Dhiya and Lukas Graham frontrunner Lukas Forchhammer reminiscing about a love that's no more. Then we've got Khalid and Tate McRae giving us a blast of summer with working.

Thai rapper and singer BamBam, who has been active in the K-pop group GOT7, follows suit with a bright new track that is a gift for fans. At the same time, H.E.R. is gifting us with her debut album, Back Of Your Mind.

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1. Lie 2 U – Lil Asian Thiccie

Local baddie Lil Asian Thiccie is ready to follow up Fanta Grape with another bop, Lie 2 U.

After holding onto the song for two years, the fierce artist is ready to share the groovy, dance-pop number with the world! In it, she sings about being in a better place after moving on from a relationship. Of the song, she says: "[It] took me two years to write a breakup song about my toxic ex but you know what? It was so worth the wait, and it slaps. Period."

The KL-based Leo sun, Libra moon, Sagittarius rising rapper and lyricist made her debut in 2017 with Hiao, an accidental hit featuring Nyonya Business. Since then, she has made her mark in the music industry with her unique ability to mix trap, pop, and everything good in between with her tongue-in-cheek lyrics and dreamy delivery. Talk about distinct!

2. Happy For You – Lukas Graham, Hanin Dhiya

Originally released in May, Happy For You is a poetically sad track that doubles as a powerful anthem for the broken-hearted.

Giving context to the song, the band said it is about "the terrible 'what if the worst came to pass', and we weren't together."

"I'd want you to be happy whatever that entails, and if I didn't want you to be happy, then was it ever real love? Or, was it just infatuation and desire? Happy For You attempts to narrate the broken-heartedness of the breakup, acknowledging the difficulties and the struggle of the one 'left behind'."

Often mistaken for a singular artist, the band actually consists of lead vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Lukas Forchhammer, bassist Magnus Larsson, and drummer Mark Falgren. Now, the band has teamed up with 20-year-old Indonesian singer Hanin Dhiya.

Before releasing her two commercially successful albums, 2018's Cerita Hanin Dhiya and 2021's Jangan Sampai Pasrah, Hanin made her mark as a fan favourite on the programme Rising Star Indonesia, going as far as coming in runner-up.

3. working – Khalid, Tate McRae

Man, were they "working" on something special!

Bringing together their gorgeously breathy vocals, Khalid and Tate McRae have released the kind of track you want playing while you skateboard/roller skate down a tree-lined street.

Deviating from her usual style, working is summery and a little more hopeful.

McRae says of the song: "I usually release a lot of songs that are pretty emotional but this one is just a straight summer bop. We had such a fun time creating this song."

4. riBBon – BamBam (GOT7)

Looking for a no-fail mood changer? Look no further than Thai rapper and singer BamBam!

As part of his first solo release under ABYSS Company, the GOT7 member has dropped his highly-anticipated mini-album, riBBon. The title track (of the same name) is bright, colourful, and accompanied by a fantastical music video.

The visuals reflect the feel-good message of the song, which BamBam explains, "So there are two meanings. One is 'reborn' where you can see new looks and aspects of me. Another one is 'ribbon' which is like when you get a present, it's new right? I'd like to say that I am born again to be your present."

The record features six tracks, most of which BAMBAM had a hand in writing and composing. Not confining himself to a box, the album ranges from hip-hop to R&B while maintaining an element of fun.

5. Paradise – H.E.R., Yung Bleu

23-year-old Grammy award winner Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson – better known as H.E.R., an acronym for Having Everything Revealed, is ready to conquer R&B and sweep award shows with her highly anticipated debut studio album, Back Of My Mind!

The album includes 21 tracks, including her duet with Chris Brown (Come Through) and appearances from Ty Dolla $ign, Cordae, Lil Baby, as well as KAYTRANADA and Thundercat.

Also included is 2019's Slide with YG and the Bryson Tiller-assisted I Can Have It All, which also appears on DJ Khaled's album Khaled Khaled.

The LP follows the R&B star's two compilation albums — 2017's H.E.R. and 2019's I Used to Know Her.

Not to be missed is this #FlyInterviews session with Alec Benjamin

His 2018 breakthrough single Let Me Down Slowly set him up for global recognition, with his songwriting being a big pull for listeners. Now, with the release of The Way You Felt, multi-talented Alec Benjamin talks about his songwriting process and what the future has in store for him.

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