Half-M'sian Model Stars In Japanese Adult Video & Says She's Happy With Her Accomplishment

The adult video (AV) was filmed by a Taiwanese director.

Cover image via @_alice_life0.2 (Instagram) & @wongtze0924 (Twitter)

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Half-Malaysian model Alice Wong has become the second woman from Hong Kong to star in a Japanese adult video (AV)

Wong, who stated in her Instagram bio that she is half-Malaysian and half-Hongkonger, has been promoting her AV online since it was released late last month.

Hong Kong news outlet HK01 reported that the 22-year-old flew to Taiwan to work with a well-known director for the 42-minute AV.

"Alice has been my fan since high school. Now that she's 22 years old, she finally approached me to ask me to take pictures of her," director Ed Mosaic said in a tweet.

"But she also wanted to try filming, so that's how her first AV experience came about. After the shoot, she shared this pleasant experience with her friends.

"The experience made her feel the joy of performing even more, and she wanted to continue exploring down this road!" added Ed.

Overjoyed by her accomplishment, Wong has been thanking several Malaysian media outlets for covering her debut in the AV industry

She has been writing in Bahasa Melayu to thank her followers for watching her work, saying, "Saya nak balik Malaysia. Ada orang rindu saya tak? Ingat kongsi my AV. Terima kasih (I want to come back to Malaysia. Does anyone miss me? Remember to share my AV. Thank you)."

When some netizens compared her to Erena So, the first Hongkonger to debut in a Japanese AV earlier this year, Wong shut down such comments and other naysayers on Instagram.

"AV is something everyone will definitely watch, so what's weird about wanting to shoot an AV? I was able to accomplish one of the things I always wanted to do in my life. I'm really happy and satisfied to have starred in this small AV. It's not a crime (to star in an AV)," related the adult actress.

She said porn stars are also humans and that everyone has sex, saying that she is confused by why people are criticising her for her accomplishment.

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