Has Taylor Swift Totally Lost It? This Fanboy Does Not Think So

A true Swiftie sticks by his or her idol no matter what. Even if she turns out to be a serial killer, we'll still love her to death. Ha - "to death"!

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In case you missed it, Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" has made its online debut and it's very different from what we are used to from her. Embracing the jealous girlfriend persona, the pop darling seems to have gone full-on crazy with the violent stabbing, axe-swinging and car-wrecking.

But we showed the video to a Swiftie and he didn't think it was strange at all. To give you some perspective, here are some candid (and random) reactions from our Taylor Swift fanboy:

"So. Gorgeous."

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"I know my chances of actually dating her are slimmer than the roti canai at my mamak, but I'm jealous. I'm jealous of a fake relationship. But something's gonna go wrong, I can feel it!"

Image via eonline.com
Image via eonline.com

"Dude. Why would you be on your phone if you're with a lady as pretty as Taylor, that's just disrespectful! D'you know what I would do to be in your place, man?!"

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"Oh, he dead. He is SO DEAD."

Image via tumblr.com
Image via Tumblr

"Well, that escalated quickly. I am legitimately scared of Taytay now... but he deserved it! I got your back, girl!"

"Okay, she's gone completely bonkers, and she's going to stab that ca... wait, THAT'S NOT CAKE."

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"She's a psycho, but this girl is killing it. ((heart eyes)) You can write my name in your blank space anytime, Taylor! Kalau tak percaya, operate lah dada, x-ray lah hati."

P.S. We didn't think of that "Kalau tak percaya..." quote ourselves. It was an original from P.Ramlee's 3 Abdul movie. Very "puitis", right?

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Watch Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" music video HERE:

Earlier last week, the pop darling abruptly pulled out her back catalogue from the Spotify streaming app. Why did she do it? Find out HERE:

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