This Malaysian Horror Movie Has Hit RM10 Million At The Chinese Box Office In One Week

It's now showing in Malaysia.

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The latest horror movie to come out of Malaysia proves to be a massive hit in China

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Directed by award-winning director Ryon Lee, 'Haunted Hotel' recently opened in 800 cinemas in China and in just one week, it collected RM10 million at the box office as reported by NST.

That's REALLY impressive!

While the flick features actors and actresses from around the Asian region, 'Haunted Hotel' is a wholly Malaysian production

The cast of 'Haunted Hotel'.

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The cast includes Chinese actor Li Chuan and Thai actress Aom Sushar, with supporting roles by Malaysians Teddy Chin, Nadia Aqilah, and Alvin Chong.

"It may be a collaboration of actors from three countries, but it's a wholly Malaysian production, featuring our own condominium Amber Court as the "star" of the show. We chose it as the "haunted hotel" of the title because it's been the subject of lots of "ghost stories" shared on cyberspace," said Aron Koh, producer of the film.

Yup, it's that super haunted Amber Courts apartment in Genting Highlands.

It tells the tale of a tourist named Bai Ling who checks into one of Asia's most haunted hotels by accident

There's always a creepy kid...

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Upon realising that she had checked into a haunted hotel, Bai Ling teams up with her friends to escape. But being a horror movie, we know escaping won't be that easy. :)

'Haunted Hotel' is now showing at cinemas nationwide. Check out the full trailer below:

Sleep well tonight! :)

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