[PHOTOS] Here Are 6 Cosplayers From Anime Fest 2022 That Will Make You Go *Waku Waku*

Anime Fest 2022 might have ended but these local cosplayers are here to stay!

Cover image via @trokkor (Instagram) , @kok_choong (Instagram) , @darklabvisuals (Instagram)

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Anime Fest 2022 marked the first major cosplay event organised by Comic Fiesta since the pandemic began and with it came fantastic cosplayers

The popularity of Anime Fest 2022 is phenomenal as it was a trending topic across major social media platforms over the past week, attracting an overwhelming number of enthusiasts. For many, the memory of the event still lingers in the back of their minds.

With it being a large-scale event, it’s common for many enthusiasts to miss the opportunity to meet some amazing cosplayers at their respective booths.

If you missed them, worry not!

Here are six cosplayers who pulled off stunning looks at Anime Fest 2022:

1. Ellemonade

Ellemonade as Crystal Rose Sona from 'League of Legends'

Image via Dark Lab Visuals (Facebook)
Image via UHD Wallpaper

Ellemonade prepared this Crystal Rose Sona cosplay for a collaboration project with Riot Games for the game, League of Legends: Wild Rift.

"The costume was tailored by Shirae Atelier, wig by Pinatsu and props were done by JK Creative. A whole team worked on it to bring it together!" Ellemonade told this SAYS writer.

Ellemonade also went as Jett from video game Valorant and Yor from manga series Spy X Family throughout the course of the event, saying that she enjoys cosplaying these characters as they resonate with her.

"Something about being able to kick ass while still being feminine appeals to me a lot," she added.

Catch up on Ellemonade on her socials! Instagram and Facebook.

Ellemonade as Jett from 'Valorant'

Image via Riot Games

Ellemonade as Yor Forger from 'Spy XFamily'

Image via Pledge Times


KING ANGEL as Spirit Blossom Ahri from 'League of Legends'

Image via @kok_choong (Instagram)

Spirit Blossom Ahri from 'League of Legends'


Next up is KING ANGEL who cosplayed as Spirit Blossom Ahri, also from the game League of Legends.

"I really like cosplaying as Ahri. I love the ears and tails. They're really heavy and could get uncomfortable, but it's all worth it because I get to portray my favourite character!" said KING ANGEL.

KING ANGEL has been cosplaying since 2019 and is now a full-time professional cosplayer. She has been making content and streaming from home throughout the Movement Control Order (MCO).

"I'm really happy that we can have events like Anime Fest again!" exclaimed KING ANGEL.

Get updates from KING ANGEL via Instagram and Facebook.

KING ANGEL as K/DA Ahri from 'League of Legends'

Image via @kingangelcosplay

3. Tsuyu-SEI

Tsuyu-SEI as Minato Aqua from 'Hololive'

Image via Dark Labs Visuals (Facebook)

Minato Aqua, Vtuber, from 'Hololive'

Image via Hololive

Tsuyu-SEI is another talented cosplayer who has been cosplaying since 2014.

"My costumes are fully handmade, I've been making my own costumes and props for a long time! It is one of my biggest enjoyments to work on my cosplays the best I can!" she said.

She told SAYS that her cosplays can take between one week to a month to complete.

Check out Tsuyu-SEI on Instagram and Facebook.

Tsuyu-SEI as Kuzuha, Vtuber from 'Nijisanji'

Image via IzzyPortraiture.co (Facebook)

Kuzuha, Vtuber from 'Nijisanji'

Image via Vocaloid Lyrics

4. Lizzy

Lizzy as Yae Miko from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via Minalto Rokkor (Facebook)

On the fourth day of Anime Fest 2022, Lizzy cosplayed as Yae Miko from Genshin Impact.

"I generally love characters with pink hair and Yae's (character) design was just so pretty that I had to cosplay as her" Lizzy said.

Lizzy added that she instantly fell in love with Yae when she first debuted.

Lizzy has been in the cosplay scene since 2016 and she really enjoys it as it allows her to bring the characters she adores to life.

Get to know more about Lizzy! Instagram and Facebook.

Lizzy as Rizu-kyun from 'My Dress Up Darling'

Image via Keith Fong (Facebook)

5. Amelia Khor

Amelia Khor as Qiqi from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via @ameliakhor0116 (Instagram)

Qiqi from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via Genshin Impact

Amelia Khor attended Anime Fest from the 14 May to 16 May. On the last day of the event, she cosplayed as Qiqi from Genshin Impact.

In an Instagram post, Amelia states that on that day, she really felt like Qiqi as she had no energy due to sleepless nights, yet she still made fun memories and even recorded a TikTok!

More on Amelia Khor via Instagram and Facebook.

6. Yuii

Yuii as Lumine from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via @yuicchi_0x0 (Instagram)

Lumine from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via Genshin Impact (Twitter)

Yuii is another who cosplayed a character from Genshin Impact.

She wrote in an Instagram post that although it was tiring, she is thankful for all the love and support she received throughout the course of the festival.

"You guys have made it worth it and I can always look back to these moments as happy memories," She wrote.

Yuii hopes to see her fans again in future events.

See more of Yuii on Instagram and Facebook.

Yuii (Right) and Amelia Khor (Left) as Hu Tao and Qiqi from 'Genshin Impact'

Image via Image via @yuicchi_0x0 (Instagram)

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