Home Ministry Has Banned These 19 Books As They "Corrupt The Minds Of The Public"

Among the banned books is Revenge of The Sarong Party Girl.

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On 30 March, Home Ministry Secretary-General Alwi Ibrahim issued a restraining order against 19 publications, banning them under Section 7 (1) of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984

According to reports published in The Malay Mail Online and astro AWANI, the Home Ministry Secretary-General said the ban was imposed because these publications' carried content that may be:

1) Harmful to morality
2) Corrupt the minds of the public
3) Detrimental to the public order
4) Detrimental to the public interest, and
5) Prejudicial to national security

Of the 19 publications, 13 were banned because their content or articles have "sexual elements" as well as "extreme porn images" which are counter to the norms of Malaysian life, the Ministry said

These are as listed below:

1) Revenge of The Sarong Party Girl

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2) Fifty Shades of Bliss
3) The Ultimate Guide To Spicing Up Your Sex Life
4) Maxim (Vol 18, No.5 June 2014 – USA edition)
5) Maxim (Vol 18, No.9 November 2014 – USA edition)
6) Pop Psychedelic
7) Only Two Can Play
8) Black Men Special Edition
*9) The Loving Touch

10) The Book of Loving Sex
11) Nikmatnya Melayari Bahtera Malam Pertama
12) Pelacur Kelas Pertama and Nazi Goreng

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13) Kamasutra & Kecerdasan Seks Modern

Three other publications were banned because the Home Ministry said they contained misleading information about Islamic teaching

They are as listed below:

1) When Children Ask About Islam and The Unknown's Answer

2) Tafsir Al-Usyr End of Al-Quran Al-Karim Juz (28,29,30) Accompanied Important Laws for a Muslim

3) The Gospel of Ali (Islamic Appreciation for Jesus)

The rest three publications were banned for containing elements promoting the fights of the communists and religious extremists

These banned publications are as listed below:

1) Manifesto Komunis (The Communist Manifesto)

Image via MediaPribumi

2) Live Like A River Flows (Acts 16 Orang Women in the Anti-Japanese Movement, Anti-colonial and independence in Malaysia and Singapore from 1938 to 1989)

3) Al-Fatihin: Newspaper for the Malay-speaking immigrants in the Islamic State

"Overall, all the (banned) publications published in the country and abroad can be harmful or misleading to its readers, especially the younger generation. As such, they are not appropriate to be made general reading material," the Ministry said reported astro AWANI

The Ministry added that the order stipulated that the printing, importation, production, reproduction, publication, sale, issuance, circulation, distribution or possession of these banned publications were absolutely prohibited in Malaysia.

"Accordingly, any person who has in his possession, for whatsoever purpose, any of the banned publications shall be imprisoned for a term not exceeding three years or fined not exceeding RM20,000 or both as determined under Section 8 (2) of Act 301."

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