These 1-Hour Long YouTube Videos Will Increase Your Productivity & Help You Sleep Better

Listen, work, sleep, repeat!

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1. Need a study buddy? This real-time Study With Me video will keep you company.

If you're the kind who needs someone to teman you while you study, but also gets easily distracted by your friends, this video is perfect for you. Just set it on full screen to enjoy the company of a virtual study buddy who won't kacau you at all.

There are lots of Study With Me videos on YouTube. This particular version is set in a cafe, complete with ambient music and a timer that counts down to when you should take a break.

Check out this video instead if you'd prefer a version without music.

Happy studying!

2. Step into Tony Stark's workshop and let him hype you up to get some work done

Marvel fans will love this one 3000!

Besides the epic music from the original soundtracks of the Iron Man movies, the video also features the mechanical sounds of things buzzing and whirring about, making you feel like you're actually in Tony's workshop. You'll also occasionally hear his voice, hehe ;)

With your adrenaline pumping, you're sure to GET. STUFF. DONE.

3. If you prefer something a little more chill, this compilation of original music will help you relax, focus, and concentrate

Composed by resident physician Dennis Kuo, this chill playlist is just what you need to boost your productivity, whether you're working or studying. For maximum concentration, you're recommended to play it in the background on a minimised browser window. And make sure that the volume is at an unobtrusive level.

When the video is over, that's your signal to take a break, then come back and use another video from this channel to keep you going.

4. Lull yourself to sleep with the gentle sounds of rain and wind

It's somehow always easier to fall asleep when it's raining, kan? Thankfully, it rains quite often here in Malaysia, but for those nights when it doesn't, turn this on. Set in a peaceful forest, listening to the gentle sounds of rain pouring down and wind blowing through the trees will lull you off to dreamland in no time. Zzzzzz...

5. Even if you're not an ARMY, this calming sleep music will soothe your soul

If you're tossing and turning, take a deep breath and press play. Close your eyes and let the calm tunes and tranquil background sounds wash over you. It'll melt away your stress, leaving you feeling at peace and ready to get a good night's sleep.

For some extra calming vibes, watch the beautiful animated sequence of a forest at night lit up by fireflies.

6. Whether you're studying, getting some work done, unwinding after a long day, or trying to fall asleep, sometimes we all need something to help us relax

Peder B. Helland, a composer from Norway, started his YouTube channel to give people a place they can visit when they want to relax. Filled with beautiful original piano compositions, this particular compilation can be described as study music, sleep music, and relaxation music.

7. Keep yourself focused and increase productivity with binaural beats

If you find yourself struggling with a mental block or procrastinating a lot, binaural beats may be just what you need. This video uses multiple binaural beats that range from 13Hz to 40Hz, which are the Beta to Gamma brainwaves.

The former helps with creating active concentration and deep relaxation, while the latter helps spark higher mental activity, problem-solving, alertness, motivation, logical and analytical thinking, and verbal communication.

Many people in the comments have said that it makes them feel like they're in a video game, which really helped boost their productivity! For the best effects, listen with headphones and keep the volume at a low, comfortable level.

8. Lo-fi music makes for the perfect accompaniment for those late nights

Staying up late to read? Or maybe you're just a night owl who's more productive at night. Whatever the case, you're gonna need some tunes to keep you company. This lo-fi music mix is a great one for both productivity and relaxation. The visuals are totally #aesthetic too!

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