[POLL] How Many Of These 25 Popular K-dramas Have You Actually Watched?

From OG classics to recent hits, gotta watch 'em all!

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K-dramas—they make you laugh, they make you cry, they give you ALL OF THE FEELS, and make you binge-watch 'em like crazy. We just can't get enough!

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From OG classics to recent hits, there have been loads of popular K-dramas over the years.

But how many have you watched compared to other Malaysians? Vote in the poll below to find out!

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So, how did you score?

6-10: You're just starting out on this K-drama journey, eh?
11-15: Ooooo you've watched quite a lot! Not bad, not bad. 
16-20: Just a lillll bit more of binge-watching and you'll be all caught up!
21-25: OMG you are a total K-drama addict! We can be frens :)

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Need more K-dramas to binge-watch? We gotchu fam:

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